February 2016: I’m Loving

It’s the first ‘I’m Loving’ of 2016 and whilst we love our luxury, none of these will cost any more than £9…read on!


1.  Confession time, I feel a fraud!  A few weeks ago in the exercise post, I spoke of using DVD’s  by Rodney Yee for my yoga practise.  I’ve used them for nine years.  The same week I tried out a yoga app and I’ve been using it ever since!

FullSizeRender 164

Yoga Studio (recommended to me by my mother – don’t they always know best?!) has been designed with excellence… it is effortless to use!  Easy to navigate; classes are split into three sections ‘Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced’.   Within those headings, various practices are sub-divided by duration – 15, 30 & 60 minutes.  You can choose whether you want music, birds, waves in the background, there’s a calendar that automatically records all your sessions and you can custom make your own classes should you wish.  Best of all it’s portable, so we will definitely be taking this away with us next month and my daughter loves doing it so I can get a swift 15 minutes session in with her before she goes to bed a few evenings.  Absolutely well-worth its £2.99 – highly recommended and only wish I’d decided to look into it sooner! The app is available here.


2.  Second up, a ‘chance find’ I’ve been loving – Boots BB Lips.

As someone who always wears a gloss, I’ve tried a few over the years but the past three or four years have stuck with Lily Lolo or Arbonne as I order other products with them.  Both are amazing but having got to the end (ok rant time,  do you ever actually get to the end? no because you can’t reach the end can you! Rant over), as I was in Boots, saw these which a friend had bought (Glam up North – thank you!) so made a quick purchase.  The ‘BB’ bit I still don’t get in all the products these days but regardless, the gloss is fantastic!


Non-sticky, covers and lasts well and is SPF15 – we’re travelling to New Zealand in a few weeks where we’re going to need good SPF so I returned to Boots and bought two other colours (plus there was 3 for 2 on…bargain!).


3.  Finally music… I LOVE my music and have been after some new easy-listening for a while; Jack Savoretti, ‘Written in Scars’, fits the bill and is one of those, ‘the more you listen, the more you like’.  Have a look on iTunes here.  I love most of the songs on the album… ‘Tie-me-down’ has a good ole Irish shin-dig feel which we love for our-kinda-crazy house moments.

Have a great weekend people – back soon OX



3 Comments on “February 2016: I’m Loving

  1. How lovely first thing to make a drink and sit down to read your blog; fabulous pictures as usual and I want to comment on the video.

    I am usually around when the video is being used by ‘Mother’ and the results are stunning. For someone in their 7th decade, she is very flexible, the yoga obviously works for her and I’d encourage anyone out there reading this to invest the £2.99 and get going. It doesn’t take an age to do every day and is well worth it.

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