Sitting Uncomfortably? Good

Have you ever gone along with something you felt uncomfortable about which then turned out to be a great experience?
It took a trip to the other side of the world to realise I’ve been living small and didn’t even know it.

Coromandel Peninsula

Photo credit: Simon Braithwaite

I thought I had ‘it’ down (life and being a go-getter), but have realised most of my life is lived within my comfort zone.
That ‘zone’ is a feeling being comfortable with home life, comfortable at work, with just the occasional new situation where I have to mingle (terrifying!), but mostly, life looks good!
So what’s wrong with that?
The Case:
When we live within our comfort zone, we can actually be saying ’NO’ to new experiences, opportunities and relationships, that could be positively life changing.  Therefore, how many things are we not living open to, simply because we are not saying ‘Yes’.
The Context
I’ll try keep this next bit short but feel context may help somewhat:
  • The trip in question was my sister’s wedding… in New Zealand.  As with all weddings I guess, the ‘Yes’ was to being there on the special day – but it wasn’t a holiday I would have chosen otherwise… not at this stage of our lives.
  • A multitude of fears about the trip arose, (which was interesting as I’m normally a ‘go-getter’, a ‘why not’ person), yet based on previous experiences, felt they were valid.
  • Once out there, not one of them bothered me and I was aware from day one that this was not what I’d thought it would be – we had a ball and it simply was the best vacation ever.
  • The trip was not something I chose.  Yes it stretched me, but my fears became invalid.

Question to self: ‘what else am I not choosing that I could be saying ‘yes’ to and enjoying’?

The Conclusion
  • We don’t always know when we’ve become comfortable.
  • Not all ‘No’s’ are verbal; it’s far more subtle than that.  Our inner leanings guide us away from experiences, people and opportunities.  These are just as course-setting as a verbal ’NO’ but they usually go under the radar because they are a subliminal hunch of ‘I’d just rather not’.
Comfort zones are always expanding as we grow so there’s always new levels to adjust to.  Whilst ever no major changes have been made here, there are definitely going to be more ‘Yes’s’ in the mix.
What can you say ‘Yes’ to today?

2 Comments on “Sitting Uncomfortably? Good

  1. This is so true Olivia. We made what for me especially was a truly difficult decision to move North from Reading nearly 12 years ago and start afresh. I left a job, friends and house I loved, but as a couple we knew we needed new horizons. The children had left home and it would have been so easy to settle into a comfortable rut. Whilst scary and hard it turned out to be the best decision. Old friends remained and we have made new friends and had many exciting times. Sometimes it is so
    life enriching to take that leap of faith and move out of your comfort zone. Here’s to saying YES let’s do it more often!

    • Hello Carol, thanks for connecting; that must have been tough at the time, but as you say, it’s only been a good thing. Look forward to hearing about your adventures in 2016! 😉

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