Strid Wood & Barden Bridge at Bolton Abbey

Earlier this week, (the day the sun shone for the first time and we could finally liken it to a Summers day), it felt only right to rearrange my work schedule and take off outdoors.  Having passed Strid Wood many a time on the way to Burnsall and Grassington, I decided to stop this time and explore.

Strid Wood 2

Thought I hadn’t planned to blog about my time, I so enjoyed the hours there and wanted to share.  The outdoor buffs among you will enjoy and probably already frequent these parts – I’m just last to the party… again.

Strid Wood is part of the Bolton Abbey Estate.  In short, a walk from the main car park at Bolton Abbey along the river or through the woods, eventually brings you to the Cavendish Pavillion ↓…

Strid Wood is a walk further on from that.  Keep going and you reach Barden Bridge.PenultimateFullSizeRender

FullSizeRender 183My day began at Strid Wood car park.  There’s an entry fee (Bolton Abbey Estate entry) but I evaluated it was worth paying for the day I had.  A small tea rooms with outdoor seating provides an alternative watering hole to the other potentially busier eateries at Bolton Abbey.

Strid Wood to Barden Bridge is under a mile.  It is easy terrain and runs along the river.IMG_1543IMG_1544

There’s an aqueduct you pass through en route – don’t mistake it for Barden Bridge if you don’t know what you’re looking for as I did.

FullSizeRender 190FullSizeRender 193

Barden Bridge ↓ is a great spot to take a break by the river.  There is also a small car park, outside of the Bolton Abbey Estate for those not wanting to pay the entrance fees.  That said, I think you’d be pushed to get a spot so save the hassle; park, pay and get on with the day.  Sitting here with a book was sheer tranquility.

IMG_1579FullSizeRender 191IMG_1540

There is then a path that winds the other side of the river all the way past The Strid to the Cavendish Pavillion (about 2.3 miles).  This walk is absolutely beautiful and so picturesque.

Strid Wood 1

Bluebells adorned the banks and the sunlight danced in and out of the trees.

FullSizeRender 186 FullSizeRender 187 FullSizeRender 188IMG_1593 FullSizeRender 184 FullSizeRender 192

It’s hard to capture the light adequately here, but through these tall tall trees, it was simply magnificent.IMG_1581FullSizeRender 189 IMG_1587

Though we’ve visited Bolton Abbey on numerous occasions, the Cavendish Pavillion is as far as we’ve ever been; it’s always a fun walk for the kids and a reasonable circular route.  Parking at Strid Woods could easily be its own day out and gives the option for a separate circuit.  I visited Monday morning when the dog walkers and… shall we say ‘older clientele’ were enjoying their strolls so didn’t see any children on my travels and thought it’d be a perfect circuit to run next time!

You can  visit the Bolton Abbey website for more info here.

Happy gadding people!




4 Comments on “Strid Wood & Barden Bridge at Bolton Abbey

  1. Lovely words & photos 😊 You may be interested to learn there’s a 5 mile run around the Bolton Abbey estate planned on Monday 20th June in aid of the Sue Ryder foundation. Look up Solstice Saunter on Facebook or google for more info 😀

  2. Thank you for your kind words, I’m so glad you had a fantastic day. Being the manager of Stridwood tearooms I feel honoured that you prefer our carpark and walks to the others, which I must point out are equally beautiful. X

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