Summer Lovin’

Warmer weather is at last, here!  As the days lengthen and we go in search of the sun, the following are my now favourites.

1. Almost-white nails.  It’s been a while since I shared a nail colour, probably because I’ve rarely diverted from my all-time fav deep purple ‘Essie, Carry On’ which I’ve worn all year.  Having fancied the idea of white/very pale nails, anything I’ve tried either streaks or looks like Tipp-Ex, till this…

IMG_2868IMG_2869Nude Demoiselle by L’Oreal, is this palest pink/white. It applies so easily and lasts me about 6 days.  I just LOVE it and think it’ll be a summer favourite as it looks even better with a tan.

Clinique City Block 2

2.  Clinique Super City Block SPF 40.  My regular day cream is Arbonne RE9 which I have used consistently for about 3 years.  It is simply the best for a premium anti-aging cream.  That said, it is only SPF20 and before heading to New Zealand in March, wanted stronger protection (no ozone and all!).

Googling my options, I came across Clinique City Block.  It wears perfectly under minerals powder makeup and does not slide in the heat (it was great for the wedding day!).  If you’ve ever thought creams with a higher SPF feel ‘obvious’ on your skin or you’re simply aware you are not wearing your regular cream, this could be a good one to try.  Approx £18 for a 40ml tube – I will definitely be re-purchasing as I’ve worn every day.

3.  Finally a crush.  Rae Feather has been in my Instagram feed for as long as I can remember.  I have swooned over the wicker baskets and clutches for as long.IMG_2864

Monogrammed, bespoke, sheer luxury.  It’s been a pleasure to see the development of this label found amongst Vogue and Selfridges.  Possibly on a par with my fondness for the bags themselves are the snippets of soul often woven into the text accompanying the images.  I don’t know Rae personally, but I like her style, I like her presence and though the bags be an investment… they be beautiful.

(images with kind permission from Rae Feather)




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