Happy New September!

September seems to be more of a fresh start than New Year.  Once again, as the Summer holidays came to an end, the urge to be ‘on it’, descended.  At present, I’m craving all things interior; just CAN NOT get enough.  At home no shelf or cupboard is safe from scrutiny as we de-clutter, and from my various social media ‘inbox’s’ it seems to be a common itch as people make way for the new season ahead.  I LOVE changing things up don’t you?  Here’s what’s got my attention this month.

1. Dark Interiors.  Guaranteed, they are having a moment and though not one for trends, I’m all in!  Whites appear whiter, colours more vibrant and metallics simply come alive against a decadently dark backdrop.  Whether it was Pinterest that sparked it for me a year ago when I painted my first dark feature wall at home, or the gallery wall completed a few months ago (see it here) that tipped the balance I’m not sure.  Either way, it’s a process I’m enjoying more and more.

With the onset of the cosier months there’s no better time to indulge if you’re fancying a change!  Inspiration is everywhere; there are some amazing pictures in my feed daily from Instagram’ers like @kerrylockwood_, @artynads and @_lisa_dawson_ (to name a few!).  If you want to dabble but are slightly hesitant, start with just one wall.

2.  This nicely leads to an upfront confession that I’ve only just discovered Rockett St George.  (If you just said ‘who’ to yourself, I feel better.  If you tutted, I don’t want to know). Rockett St George 1As part of the home overhaul, looking for furniture one night , I googled ‘industrial homewares’ and up it popped… time left me and a good hour or so later I’d scrolled through the entire website.  Days later I ordered this gorgeous sheepskin rug to keep my assets warm in Winter and have my eye on a few other pieces.

Rockett St George 2 Rockett St George 3

For a while I’ve felt there’s a gap in the interior decor market.  Everything has become so ‘samey’.  Needless to say, this ‘extraordinary interiors’ has put a smile on my face and wouldn’t you know, just like the car you think of buying, am now seeing RSG everywhere!

3.  Finally, and I’m probably late to the party again, but after seeing GANDYS flip-flops at The Eden Project during the holidays, came home and googled.  I have to say that from there on, it was these towel images ⇓ that drew me in (I’m a sucker for great marketing).GANDYS 3

Great pictures and the round towels?!  So unusual and I have been sorely tempted.  For me it’s’ not about the flip-flops I ordered… they’re pretty regular flip-flops like any other brand (though I have worn them constantly!)  But have to say after reading their story was compelled to put my money here and not with a regular high street name.


In ‘very’ short, two brothers Rob & Paul, were orphaned over night after their parents died in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami (it feels wrong to skip over so quickly for the sake of ‘keeping it short’, can you even begin to imagine…).  These orphans now have created GANDYS to raise funds for other orphans, hence their tagline, ‘ORPHANS FOR ORPHANS’.  Take a look at their website (here), they have some great looking products and naturally, it’s a great cause!

Gander 1

towel images with kind permission from Gandys

Ps, black flip flops are great for wearing beyond Summer with black jeans without looking too Summery!

Till next time ~



6 Comments on “Happy New September!

  1. Yay, you’re back! As you know I too have embraced dark interiors (just the one wall for me!) and am loving it. Adore your inspiration pics! And….never heard of Rockett St George but having just had a quick look online, already obsessed! Good to have you back! Xx

    • Hey thanks for the love and glad to hear I’m not alone 😂 Look forward to hearing about your purchases! (You know it’s gonna happen 👊🏻).

  2. We are in the process of redesigning our house – mainly living room / kitchen and have gone with the one dark grey wall . It’s looking fabulous. Great post which has set me off , feeling inspired . Tracey x

    • That’s great to hear! I quite fancy dark grey myself but am a bit committed to Hague Blue to turn back now😂 Look forward to progress on instastories.

  3. Just reading your scribblings and having stayed over with you, I can endorse your enthusiasm for the colour changes; I LOVE the attention you’ve given to the contrasting walls and wish I could get razor sharp edge detail as you seem to do so so effortlessly! Papa.X

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