Happy New Year!

No resolutions here.  

Don’t know about you but I find it increasingly nauseating, the extent to which we are coerced into ‘accepting’ that NOW is the time for new gym clothes, ridiculously healthy food, to quit alcohol for a month and to generally overhaul our lives simply because its January (don’t even get me started on the Easter Eggs on display at the local shop ON THE 3rd!) .

It’s an un-necessary insanity I don’t subscribe to that does not work for the masses, because, lets face it, in 12 months time the cycle will repeat itself.

Yes, the turn of the year is a good time to take stock and re-evaluate, but let’s be honest with ourselves and if compelled to make changes, go with ones we can see ourselves sticking to, even in our busiest times.

Year after year, the basics don’t change yet you’d think it was rocket science the ways they choose to package it these days.

Drink water, eat well, get outdoors, exercise, work on your strength, spend time with loved ones, create time in your diary for YOU, stand still long enough to actually figure out your what it is that makes your heart both happy and fulfilled (two entirely different things), read and I promise you your life will grow!

Adopt and consistently pursue a ‘little and often’ approach and this time next year it will be a New Year and a New YOU with 12 months progress in the bag.  Simples.



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