Turbulence, the Universal Indicator of Decluttering

Storm over Filey Bay

You know those times in life where you appear to be a lightning rod for change…? Everything just seems to fall away from your world or alternatively ‘goes wrong’?  Be it circumstances or relationships, it’s like busses that come in three’s.

This kind of turbulence is often unsettling, unnerving and we naturally want to respond by keeping everything ‘in place’ and feeling completely helpless when it doesn’t.

What is on the other side/round the corner is out of our reach and control; so there is nothing to do except wait it out (and hope it’s over soon!)

Therein, lies the challenge.  To get good at allowing the Universe to do its thing, to realise there’s usually little we can do to change it.

Where there is a significant external shift in the balance of our lives, it often means a de-cluttering is taking place to allow for what’s next; it’s all good!

Recognising this turbulence for what it is, taking a back seat in our response to it and to finally being able to say ‘bring it on’ is an approach that cannot fail to serve us well.



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