Lend Your Voice

This International Women’s Day will undoubtedly attract more headline attention than ever before in the light of recent events.  Feminism debates & women’s rights are very much in the spotlight; to say we are living in interesting times is an understatement.  The world is changing rapidly and those of us who don’t actively seek to be frontline rallies of positive change can often feel there’s little we can do to really make a difference.

Yet we can make a difference.


We can be BOLD for change

Our bold voice looks like encouragement, saying ‘hello’ in the street, commenting ‘well done’ on someones social media post.  It looks like standing together, being a strength and a force for good, regardless of whether we think the other person needs it or not.  In short, we intentionally shape the quality of our interactions with others, for the better.

This does not come naturally to all of us, in fact it possibly comes naturally to very few (for reasons explained at the end) so we hold back.  We don’t see it as holding back, we just decide not to comment… but have you ever wondered ‘WHY?’… what is at the root of our silence?  Are we not bold enough?

It matters that we all live our best life.

Our light is never lessened by shining it on others.

When I rise, you rise; when you rise, she rises; when she rises they rise…

and so it goes.

Lending our encouragement and support cannot fail to have an impact on our immediate relationships, wider circles and then, sure why not – ‘society at large’.

Lend your voice, not just today but whenever there is opportunity to do so.

In the words of  Malala Yousafzai: “We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.”.

Don’t hold back, lend your voice.



  • I’m too busy.
  • I’m not in a good place right now.
  • We’re not really friends.
  • My opinion (voice) doesn’t matter.
  • I don’t need or expect encouragement from anyone in my life so it’s ok for me not to lend mine to others.
  • I’m an introvert (no really, I am).  No explanation needed.  My introversion is my get-out-of-jail card.   I don’t DO reaching out to others… it literally is practically impossible for me to do so.
  • That person already has enough people telling them ‘well done’, they’ll be ok and don’t need my ‘high-five’ too.
  • I have an image to maintain.  I may risk losing my social ‘aloofly-cool’ status.
  • I’d rather stalk silently.
  • Their effort wasn’t really worth a comment…

… are just some of the reasons I’ve not lent my voice in the past be it consciously or otherwise.   All are rooted in negative energies which are simply not worth holding on to.  Living free from what we think others think, releases us to lend our voice without fear, whilst reaping the benefits of an open life.








2 Comments on “Lend Your Voice

  1. Well spoken Livs. It’s quite often the case too that the encouragement we give to another might just be the ONLY positive, kind, up building word they’ve heard that day, or any day. And all it takes from us is a little step…and a little step…

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