RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

Last week the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) held their first ever show over five days at Chatsworth House.

To be honest, it was something my parents booked for the family at the beginning of the year and I’d said ‘yes’ not really knowing what we were going to.  Suffice to say as the day approached,  despite the crazy rain that had occurred earlier in the week and some unsavoury feedback reporting horrendous queues in the early days of the show – we all decided to go for it.

This is the part where I need to let you know that this post was not intended, so where as I’d normally have the trusty Lumix and take more thoughtful photos with a view to a post, all the images here are from three of our cell phones shot purely for our own record.


There had been the concern that it was “going to be all flowers” but it was so much more which suited the varying ages of all the family. The rain held off, the air was warm, the day was a such pleasant surprise!

The concept gardens and displays were stunning, the kids enjoyed looking at the range of  styles on display.  In addition, there was a balanced mix of interests and items to purchase including plants and flowers, art, food and drink, home decor and clothing.

There are some shows you visit once and feel you’ve ‘been there, done that’, but we said we would definitely visit again another year.  The setting and atmosphere felt very relaxed, not over-crowded and a good size for getting round in a few hours.  Naturally there’s room for growth and I just hope they see less rain next year!

In the car on the way home, quite unprompted Miss P said “I didn’t expect Chatsworth to be that good”. Says it all.





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