LIFESTYLE YORKSHIRE is a lifestyle blog written by me, Olivia featuring my LOVES in life, mostly from the very beautiful place we live, Yorkshire.

The photographs I take and posts I write are places and things I’ve discovered and am genuinely excited about.  Born and raised in Yorkshire, UK this blog naturally features places close to HOME but whatever the post, it always showcases things close to my HEART.

It is bold, it is vivacious and it loves LIFE!

This blog is not sponsored though for some posts I have been invited to share/partake of certain experiences (and I will always indicate this) but I have not been paid to do so – though that would be nice so don’t hold back if you’re feeling generous!

What happened to OUR STYLE of LOVE?  

The blog used to be called ‘OUR STYLE of LOVE’, a name that came to me 2013 when reading a book about people who were simply connecting with others by running a community coffee/art shop.  They were doing what they loved; they were living out their ‘style of love’.

Within the hour I had the concept of a blog/website.  I didn’t have it as clear as it is now but I knew I wanted to inspire others to live from their true, inner self, from their LOVES; the belief being that once we know what our LOVES are we can then use that knowledge to shape our lives on purpose and quit living by default.  Many of my earlier posts reflect this deeper thinking.

This is still the essence of the blog – it just has a name that is now more ‘does what it says on the tin!’

Thanks for stopping by; I’d love to hear from you, what kinds of features you’d like to read etc so just leave a little message below and let’s connect!

Olivia Beau 4

Olivia ~ OX

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