Ilkley Cinema

November 2015, Ilkley Cinema opened its doors.  Yes, right in the heart of our little town you can now find Europe’s Smallest Ultra 4k Cinema; with 56 plush seats, it’s the swish-est boutique cinema you ever saw!
Ilkley Cinema 10
(The 4k bit means 4000 pixel resolution which in layman terms means it’s a flipping-good screen).
We like our independent boutiques here at Lifestyle Yorkshire and though was aware of the new development, had decided against featuring here on the blog thinking it was perhaps too local?  That changed the day we went and experienced it for ourselves.
 We visited on a dark Sunday afternoon on a day of extreme rain (not the same day as the above photos) and unexpectedly managed to get a park right outside (bonus!).  Hurrying in through the door the weather was forgotten as we walked into an environment akin to a bustling little restaurant.
Ilkley Cinema 8 Ilkley Cinema 7 Ilkley Cinema 6Ilkley Cinema 4Ilkley Cinema 9
Large glasses of wine were being poured, people were ordering food, the decor was so well done and everything we experienced said ‘welcome’.
The ‘holding area’ is a good size and so charming – it made me wonder if people were just there to socialise never mind go see a film.
Ilkley Cinema 15 Ilkley Cinema 16 Ilkley Cinema 23Ilkley Cinema 11 Ilkley Cinema 14 Ilkley Cinema 13
Tickets can be bought online and collected over the counter (the same one at which food and drinks are ordered).
Once inside the auditorium it’s a class act.
The closest experience I can liken it to is an ‘Everyman’ cinema, (you sit on sofa’s and can have your food and drink brought to you as you watch the movie), but the experience at Ilkley Cinema is more intimate, and much more luxurious.
Ilkley Cinema 17 Ilkley Cinema 19 Ilkley Cinema 20 Ilkley Cinema 22 Ilkley Cinema 21
We’d booked our tickets online, and though we’d never sit so close to the screen normally, the only seats available were on the second row, so we took them. Unlike the multiplexes – where you spend the duration moving your head from left to right to fit the screen in your line of vision, it was absolutely fine and neither of us suffered with neck ache!
 Ilkley Cinema 18
Tickets were £12 which, though at first may seem pricey to some, are absolutely fair.  There is no travel, no parking costs and it’s on the doorstep.  We didn’t eat or drink (dry January – oh the shame) but will definitely return where I’m looking forward to a nice white!
 Ilkley Cinema 24
Perhaps the most important thing in summation, is that Ilkley Cinema adds to the town.  It offers visitors something else to do, and it offers locals a new place to socialise.  By its nature it is NOT the same experience you would expect at a multiplex… it creates a sense of occasion and when we return, we will certainly spend more time there.
Screenings are 7 days a week – there are kids films (cheaper) on a Saturday morning, and even morning film times where parents of very young children can take their babies in without needing to be concerned if they make a noise.  I love the thought that’s gone into this place and trust that any of you who visit, will feel the same – well worth a visit!
 Ilkley Cinema 12

North Star Club

North Star Club 1

The North Star Club is THE name in ‘Boutique Woodland Breaks’.  If you’re not familiar  with the term,  don’t worry – neither was I till North Star popped up in my Instagram feed (yet another triumph for social media as if we needed proof it works!) and I was instantly curious.

The accommodation is luxury woodland cabins in an area of forest just outside York and is quite unlike anything else.  As fate would have it, North Star Club and I contacted each other on the same day and it wasn’t long before we were booking a pre-Christmas stay.

North Star Club 2North Star Club 48North Star has created a new genre of accommodation for those wanting a cosy get-away.  It invites you to be amongst the outdoors, whilst being several echelons up the glamping ladder (which they also invented – a la ‘Jolly Days Glamping‘).  We invited the whole family (as you do), who don’t live to far away and thus began Christmas week early.

The careful thought to detail, the decorative flourishes and the feeling of ‘fit’ are what makes this place.  Beautiful wreaths adorn the doors, there are furs everywhere and more fairy lights than leaves!  I’d done my homework before we left and knew the designers Mr & Mrs Van Outersterp were award multi-award winning designers ~ it shows.

North Star Club 4North Star Club 5

Our cabin had a large covered porch with table and chairs and a large gas BBQ.  The first day there was so mild (for December) we were able to sit out and appreciate this space.  The second day was much colder which forced us all indoors hence, Spring thru Autumn months you’d really be able to enjoy this ‘room’ outdoors.

North Star Club 6North Star Club 43

Breakfast; ham and brie croissants with red-currant and ruby port sauce.  Easiest to make and so tasty!  The BBQ had a lid so they cooked in minutes and I’d taken disposable trays too so zero cleaning!

North Star Club 40North Star Club 17North Star Club 37

In through the front door was a small room with table, two chairs and a good-sized little fridge ↓, we hadn’t expected any crockery (as the website clearly states not self-catering) so had taken our own but on arrival found out there was no need.  They provide it all.  This room also had a sofa bed that slept two people.

The accommodation slept 6 in total.  The sofa bed, a twin room, and the heart of the cabin – the Master Bedroom.  This was GORGEOUS, had a wood-burning stove we kept lit all day and really was the room we all hung out in.  The cabin managed to swallow varying combinations of 11 of us (some family came to hang out during the days).  My point… quarters are not cramped!

North Star Club 11

North Star Club 13North Star Club 9North Star Club 47

Off the master bedroom was a bathroom almost as big.  One of the facilities North Star offers is pre-bookable Spa treatments within the comfort of your bathroom… bliss!

North Star Club 16North Star Club 14North Star Club 15

North Star Club 19 North Star Club 46

Away from the cabins are some great communal spaces.  The fire pit was lovely to take the kids to and simply sitting watching the flames whilst toasting marshmallows was magic.  The Woodshed is a stones-throw and has seating and tables outside around a pizza stove.  Our first night we ate pizzas here it was so mild and the additional space was perfect for the younger children.
North Star Club 23North Star Club 41

North Star Club 24North Star Club 34North Star Club 27North Star Club 25North Star Club 20

Inside the Woodshed … well the pictures can do the talking!

FullSizeRender 118

North Star Club 45

North Star Club 23

The North Star Club is a definite recommend! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would love to return.

Visit the North Star Club website here, they have some fantastic images and more information about the various lodges guests can stay in.


North Star Club 6



What about the Food?  When you click on the ‘FOOD’ tab of the North Star Club website, you are directed towards local restaurants.  North Star state they are ‘not self-catering’ yet you are provided you with all the means to do so.  No pun intended but there is everything apart from the kitchen sink (you wash your pots in the bathroom).  As mentioned earlier, there was crockery and cutlery for six people, there was a washing up bowl with liquid, the BBQ was gas so cooking was good-to-go and trays and pans were available in the Woodshed… the ‘small fridge’ was a very decent size and we ate completely self-catered.

To us it was a ‘plus’ but couldn’t help thinking if it was better explained on the website, people might be encouraged to stay who otherwise wouldn’t if they felt they were going to have to eat out every meal.

UPDATE: 7th Jan 2.45pm Since posting this morning, I have heard from North Star who are firstly thrilled with the post and second, have said “the camp staff are meant to take away dirty pots as they have a washing area so that guests aren’t washing in their bathrooms – of which we are going to make this clearer going forward.”.  This is good news and now makes complete sense, self-cater and prosper folks!


Life with LemonsLife will give you lemons.

This year doesn’t stop being ‘my year’ when adversity hits.
It can be easy to assess a month or year based on how much crap we did or didn’t get.
But hardship will come.
It is a part of life.
We just need to keep moving, tough and as heart-breaking as that can sometimes be. Read More

Three Stylish Gift Ideas

What to buy for the stylishly minded?  These three ideas have made their way into my world this past month, here’s the lowdown! ~OX


FullSizeRender 94FullSizeRender 93

  1.  First up the faux fur stole.  I LOVE a bit of furry luxe and have numerous colours and sizes I’ve collected over the years.  This maxi one from Zara is HUGE (goes all the way down to the hips) keeps me really warm, and is now easily my favourite!  You can style with most things but I’ve been wearing it over a chunky knit. This one was £50 but you can buy them everywhere at the moment so will find one to suit your budget.

FullSizeRender 96FullSizeRender 95

My Ideas - 8

2. Love, Style, Life is the first book by Garance Doré.  A fan of her blog and style; I was eager to get a copy.  It didn’t disappoint.  The book’s a perfect easy-read that can be dipped into,  has great style advice written in Garance’s humorous hand and I finished in three ‘sittings’.  This will be finding its way into many a stocking this Christmas I have no doubt – a great gift for around £12.

FullSizeRender 98FullSizeRender 97

FullSizeRender 103

3.  Having worn one pair of earrings pretty much consistently for the past 18 months (yes these ones), I have been on the look out for another pair…something a bit fabulous but not too ‘evening’.  There’s many a cuff around at the moment and these I fell in love with.  Again from Zara, wait till you see the price…

FullSizeRender 102

One ear (shown on the left) has a stud at the bottom with a cuff securing higher up the ear, and the other (on the right) is one of those drop-behind-the-ear jobs.

FullSizeRender 101FullSizeRender 100

Aren’t they are just gorgeous and an absolute steal at £9.95!

Have fun shopping… shop local where you can, shop online when you can, don’t stress too much about it and don’t forget to gift yourself something!


Doing the ‘To-Do’; hitting it out-the-park for yourself.

As I said to a friend earlier this week, “To-Do lists never go away”!
As working Moms into the first week of school after 2 months break, we were looking at a project and the bottom-line was ‘it’s on the To-Do list’.

It got me to thinking, there is ALWAYS a ‘To-Do’ list.  Some things need doing yesterday, others are fairly important, and others ‘would-be-nice’s’.  But to a large extent, the list is always there, no matter how much of the ‘do’ ing we do!

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Keelham Farm Shop ~ The Community Way.

Keelham Farm Shop 8

Last week we visited the newly opened Keelham Farm Shop on the outskirts of Skipton, Yorkshire.  It was a delight!  Post school, I took one tired little lady (not that keen on the idea of going) who, once inside the doors, quickly became an excitable little lady ‘thrilled’ at what she experienced.

Keelham Farm Shop 11Keelham Farm Shop 9Keelham Farm Shop 48 Keelham Farm Shop 18Keelham Farm Shop 13Keelham Farm Shop 24

Keelham Farm Shop 29 Keelham Farm Shop 26 Keelham Farm Shop 6 Keelham Farm Shop 7 Keelham Farm Shop 34 Keelham Farm Shop 17Keelham Farm Shop 25 Keelham Farm Shop 16

There is simply everything to go at; fresh produce, a bakery, deli counters with fresh meats, pies, curry’s, pulses and seeds, juice bar and a florist that makes up hand-tied bouquets.

Generational family photos on the walls of the original Keelham, (in Thornton, Bradford) are a lovely touch – this is their lifes work and creativity which has resulted in a unique shopping experience.

The novelty of picking out the fruit and veg (and sweets) we wanted (rather than picking up a sealed pack) and weighing them on non-digital scales prompted an unexpected response in my shopping buddy – it was a learning experience and she was fully immersed in it.

Keelham Farm Shop 39 Keelham Farm Shop 44Keelham Farm Shop 3 Keelham Farm Shop 49

Keelham Farm Shop 32 Keelham Farm Shop 42 Keelham Farm Shop 47Keelham Farm Shop 5

The cafe/restaurant was full but we secured a table and both enjoyed our food and drink.  There is a mezzanine level opening soon which will add even more seating with a great view over the shopping hall.

Keelham Farm Shop 28Keelham Farm Shop 36

Keelham Farm Shop 37Keelham Farm Shop 33

Keelham Farm Shop 46

Because we all appreciate nice toilets!

Keelham Farm Shop 45

This is not a place we would pass naturally very often, so will we go back?  Some changes to the menu… with less carb-heavy options on there would definitely tempt me back (as Miss P was very happy with the kids menu).  Outside of that, yes – this is a place we will take people to because of its creative simplicity and unique approach.

It’s the kind of place you may want to go on a family day when you want to go somewhere, but don’t want to do a shops/cinema/etc or it’s not nice enough for outdoors.  This place ticks a few boxes in one go and you could spend a couple of hours there if you wanted.

Finally, and I wasn’t fully aware of this till I got home and casually looked at my receipt from the shopping we’d bought…it’s very good value for money!

They have a great website, find out more at Keelham Farm Shop.

Keelham Farm Shop 41

Her face says it all… happy.


Coral Crush

Coral Crush 1Last weekend these coral crush’s entered my world that have




The colours are so blooming gorgeous and Spring has felt like a long time coming!  It’s been busier than ever at Butler HQ what with the pre-Easter crazy, but taking the time to appreciate what we have is so important.  Perfect antidote to ‘is it nearly Spring yet’ days.

Coral Crush 2Coral Crush 5

1. First up – linen loveliness.  Massimo Dutti do the best take on simple pieces – often there’s a little accent here or there that just ‘makes’ them.  Two of their tops made their way into my wardrobe in Autumn that I have worn so much, I was eager to see what they would do for Spring.  They haven’t disappointed.  The detailing with the fine buttons down the back and patched sleeves on this top I instantly loved.  It was only natural to get it in the navy aswell!



Coral Crush 6

2.  Next this GOR-GE-OUS nail colour.  butter polish colours are beautiful and this is no exception.  It went on yesterday for the first time and I have to say – I love it as a perfect midpoint between orange and pink.  Some polishes look old a few hours after application, however butter have such a great finish they look like a professional job.  This colour’s called Trout Pout.

Coral Crush 9Coral Crush 7

3.  Finally, these frilly tulips from M&S, which I’m told are parrot tulips…?  On a day when a little pick-me-up was needed, these and a bar of 85% did just the trick.  They are not as simplistic as ordinary tulips and have brought a lot of smiles.  Bloomin lovely!

Coral Crush 9


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