Transitional Styling

It is worth investing in staple clothing.  Once you know what seasonal styles work,  you can add to your collection each year.   These pieces will differ for each of us.  Camisoles are my Summer staple.  They go with everything, I wear them all the time, and am prepared to spend a little more on quality tops with interesting detail.

Owing to our fabulous British climate, camisoles just don’t cut it unaided past Summer.  Enter long cardigans (coatigans).  These are my Autumn staple that absolutely work with cami’s and personally, mean I can carry on a Summer look that seems to work well.

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Delicate femininity, paired with thick brushed wool, leather pants and biker boots… yields a slightly undefinable outcome.

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Staple can be statement.

If you’re going to invest in a coatigan, it’s worth doing well.  Buy wool/alpaca blends.  These will not only provide great warmth but can usually be brushed up with a natural bristle brush.  Cheaper, thinner brands will look old fast.  Invest in quality wools and you will be able to revive frequently.

Second, save your expense for ‘wow’ designs and spend less on plain, singular-coloured cardigans.  The black Selected Femme one (above) is so thick and luxurious, the yellow stripe and peach tones provide colour pops (I’m so done with everyone using that term but what else is there?) that really bring the outfit alive.

When choosing plain, look for little detailing/clever knitwear like this Gat Rimon one ↓.

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Finally, look for mid-season colours you can wear with light or dark.  This Samsoe & Samsoe grey one ↓ I have had SO much wear from.  It looks great with grey or black jeans, and have worn with shorts all Summer long when there’s been a chill – it’s doubled as a  dressing-gown if you will (which I don’t own).  Not only that, it has graced every campsite with me for the past three years (that’s some wear and tear!) and brushes up like new every time.

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It won’t be long till a full offensive is needed against the cold.  Once the temperatures drop, I’m no die hard.  Thermals, thickest jumpers and warmest boots will be drafted in (till around March!)  Till then, I’m happy to keep Summer cami’s in play.


(All cardigans have made their way into my wardrobe over the last three years from local boutique Attic Womenswear)


In Favour of The Dress

The Dress.

I’m going to put myself on the line and say that the majority of us wouldn’t choose to wear a dress on a regular basis… not outside of the summer months anyway.  With all the many ‘hats’ we wear, trousers, jeans and all manner of leggings are THE ‘go-to’ items of both comfort and choice.  Agreed!

That said, now and then an occasion requires we shed our trusty trew’s… enter THE DRESS.

Over the past few months a few have made their way into my wardrobe, so, in a salute to ‘legless’ dressing, here are three styles and how you might be able to incorporate similar looks into your wardrobe.

DISCLAIMER: Photos were taken in the warmer Autumn weather; the moment it drops below 10°c, all bets are off.  Thickest jumpers, thermals and trousers win every time.

The Day Dress 5

The Transitional Dress.  Purchased at the end of Summer when I couldn’t stand the thought of abandoning my bright clothes for the ‘darks’ of Autumn/Winter – this green is a great colour more suited to Autumn and Spring months.

The Day Dress 6

You’ve possibly already got this dress in your wardrobe but will get more wear out of it if you can find a cosy wool cardigan (this one’s mohair) to go with it.  Both are still available here at ATTIC Womenswear.

The Day Dress 7

The Box Dress. Highly aweful name but highly kind in character.  Box dresses are so-called owing to their looser-fit which mean they are very easy to wear.  This silk number from All Saints has a sheer drop-hem in the back for added detail.  When you want to wear a dress but don’t want anything tight, this style is a relaxed winner yet still great for evening (more so in a silky fabric) when you add heels, jewellery… perhaps a fur stole and you’re away to go.

The Day Dress 1

Alternatively, grunge it up a bit with some rugged boots and leather jacket.

The Day Dress 4

Finally, this navy number makes the cut because it could easily be worn for a day meeting or evening party when worn with the right accessories.  This fitted style won’t be for everyone but this is the kind of old faithful you’d have in your wardrobe for years.  Autograph M&S are to thank for this, there’s slight ruching round the waist and being lined, it feels warm. Wear with a suit jacket for a meeting or heels, bold statement jewellery a great fur scarf for evening.

Et voila – let me know your thoughts.  Now then… it’s raining today…where’s my jeans?





Ankloots, Garance Doré and Luxedo (say again?!)

It’s New York Fashion Week so a Style Edit seemed mighty fitting (though I admit completely unplanned).  Despite the amazingly gorgeous UK weather this week,  personally, I ‘turned Autumnal’ about three weeks ago and am LOVING the onset of the new season.  The house had a revamp, the summer clothes were packed away and things went a shade or two darker.  Here’s what’s been on the radar:

1.   Ankle Boots = Ankloots.  Does a girl ever need to justify new shoes?  Slate grey, perfect-sized angular heel (not going to render wearer crippled after half an hour) these are the cutest fit – a must-have for skirts and jeans.  J’adore!  Purchased from favourite local boutique ATTIC (click here for more details).


2.  Garance Doré: self-named blog by French fashion illustrator /photographer.  I first came across this site a couple of months ago after a client recommended, instantly loved  it and wondered where I’d been all of its life!  Garance Doré evoked the ‘oh that’s the kind of blog I’d like to create’ in me, it is stylish, fun and naturally, the photography is just beautiful.  Recently featured on Fashionista they popped up in my timeline as having a newly revamped site so I’ve been inspired afresh, as you can be here!

3.  Finally Luxedo: nail colour by Essie.  Deepest purple black… a newy for me as I don’t normally go so dark but I love it and  don’t see this coming off anytime soon.

Purple Plaid


1 Pair of Shoes, 2 ways to Dress, 3 Sunsets

Hey peeps, it’s another Sunday and this one definitely getting off to a more relaxed start than last week!  Last Sunday was Day 2 of the Tour De France so we were up and out to get a road-side spot for the occasion.  How many of you saw it?  Do click (here) if you want to see how amazingly vibrant our town looked.  Ok, on with what we’ve been lovin’ this week…



1.  One Pair of Birkenstocks.  Now I didn’t do these when they were ‘in’ before because… well I have a thing about ‘in’ things… if they’re ‘in’ I don’t do them because every Tom, Dick and Jayne is; so we all look the same…?!  That said I did decide to break my own conviction, got some last month and have loved wearing because they are just so darned comfy and geeky and go with almost everything – do we need another reason?    Got mine from Amazon at just over £30 and would definitely recommend a pair for the summer months.

2.  Two ways to wear this stripy Maxi Dress!  My fav local clothing boutique (yes ATTIC) has been having a SALE so I got in touch to see if this dress was in the sale, (which it was) so I had to get.  Have wanted a maxi for a while so that then it’s warm (when… yes we do see the sun occasionally in Yorkshire!) and you want to have some skin out but not the legs – we can do the strapless thing.  It is uber comfy and can be worn as a full maxi – or the top rolled over itself to create a shorter dress (which is less requiring of stomach needing to be sucked in). It can also then be worn as a skirt which I’ve not done yet.  All that to say if you’re out and about and see this kind of style/multi ways to wear thing, it’s a very versatile piece.

The Facebook and Instagram post ⇓

Positively Nautical

3.  Lastly, Three AMAZING Sunsets!  The skies of recent have just blown me away and been so incredibly beautiful.  The darkest one, in fact all, have zero filters/primping, so what you see is what it was (except it was more beautiful).  Anyone following my posts for a while now will know how much I love my outdoors… utter soul food.  Some nights I’ve been working away at my desk then realised a sunset was happening so I jump up and into the window to try capture.  Such a sense of connectedness to the bigger picture and almost a spiritual grounding… (is it just me?).

Anyway, have a great week – school’s nearly out so we are happy to be in the last days here… what about you?



Summer Colour!

Well, the weather hasn’t been so very tropical of recent days but that’s not stopped us enjoying the even slightly warmer days!  There’s just so much colour around and am loving more and more of it in my world, especially this little lot…⇓


Ooh get you!


1.  First up are some new floral trousers I picked up this week from ATTIC – the boutique I mentioned in my post on Thursday (coincidence! but see it here).  At just £35 they were such a good buy and officially happy trousers! Muted neon stripes down the sides, they were an instant ‘must have’, wore them last night to dinner and felt a million bucks.  If you’ve not checked out ATTIC yet – do!

Strawberries and Cream!

2.  Yes, it’s Strawberries and Cream!  This beauty was made by my father.  Mid sixties he’s decided that after years of decorating people’s houses he’d try his hand at cooking!  I tell you, he’s a whizz in the kitchen, phased by nothing, and when he asked did we fancy dessert…. well who can say “no” to a victoria biscuit that looks this good!  Wimbledon’s here so if you need an excuse you got it!

 Dayglo Butt!

3.  Lastly, more colour was injected into our home this week as I decided it was high time the Louis Ghost Chair had some cushioning with this seat pad.  A steal from TKMaxx at £9.99, yes it is flippin’ bright but amongst our greys/white’s colouring at home it just goes fab!  TK Home is a great place to pick up unique little pieces and worth a visit even if it’s just online; check them out here.

That’s it for this week, have any of you been experimenting with colour a bit more?  Be bold, I dare you… and have a great week!



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