How to: Style Hydrangeas with Lights

Darker nights = cosy lights and though we have zero need for any additional lights in our home, we spied these copper ones recently and had to purchase.  The same day I was given a whole bag full of hydrangea heads (as you do).  Though not intentional, I put the two together and the result is a rather effective decorative piece for the home that would liven up any empty space.  Here’s ‘how to’.

You will need:

Hydrangeas 1

Hydrangea heads

A mirror (with any fixings on the back removed) or a nice tray would do

A mirror (with any fixings on the back removed) or a nice tray

Some fairy lights. These copper ones look better than plastic coated wires.

Some fairy lights. These copper ones look better than plastic coated wires.


Lay the flowers out on the mirror (you could use an oasis to create height if needed)

Lay the flowers out on the mirror (you could use an oasis to create height if needed)

Till the whole mirror is filled

Fill the whole mirror

Weave the copper fairy lights round each flower

Weave the copper fairy lights round each flower (you can see here how fine the wire is making it almost invisible)

Slot the battery pack in underneath a flower

Slot the battery pack in underneath a flower

That's it! Notice how you can barley see the wire here.

That’s it. Notice you can barely see the wire here.

Wait for it to fall dark

Wait for it to fall dark

Hydrangeas 11Hydrangeas 10

I then faffed further adding the stare-y angel and some candles...

Faffing further, I added the starey angel and some candles…

That was the end of the post… till the next day during a room shuffle when I decided I needed the space the arrangement was taking up so popped the lot into a giant vase and added some copper baubles.  Little bit more faffing required to get the lights into the right place but by far my favourite end result that just looks so effective.

Hydrangeas 14Hydrangeas 15Hydrangeas 16

Here endeth the hydrangea post.





How to: Make a Nappy Cake

Earlier in the Summer we threw a Baby Shower for my gorgeous sister and made a nappy cake for the occasion.  To my surprise, not many of the guests had known what the nappy cake was going to look like as they’d not heard of one before (alas one should never assume!)  Having made a couple now, these are fun to make, look great as a piece of party decor and my daughter loved getting involved (always a bonus)… Here’s how to!

A Nappy Cake

You will need:

Approx 74 nappies size 1 or size 2 nappies (if you want to use smaller than size one you will probably just need to use a few more than 74).

74 small elastic bands (or as many as the number of nappies you are using)

Approx 3 meters or string or 3 very large elastic bands

1 large bottle of baby talc, lotion or shampoo – just something large enough to be a central column in the cake

1 smaller item for the top column.  I like to use a baby bottle as these look cute poking out the top

6-8 feeding spoons.  Go multicoloured, or all blue or pink – your choice

Things to decorate the cake with.  Soothers, newborn shoes, pacifiers, get creative!

Toy Cars

2.5 meters of 40mm deep white ribbon

3 x meters of thinner coloured ribbon can be around 15mm, to bow up (I’ve used blue).

3 x sewing pins (for securing the white ribbon in place).


On your marks, get set…. MAKE!

Take the nappies and begin to roll one at a time.

Secure with the elastic bands until all the nappies have been rolled.

Nappy MountianNow for the construction part!  Take the large bottle of talc or shampoo and stand one layer of nappies around the bottle.

It all starts with oneSecure with string or a large elastic band to prevent them from falling over.  It should look like this when you’ve done.  My ring of nappies was eight nappies round the bottle.

Secure the nappy's to the bottleNow to create a second ring or layer of nappies round the first.  You can see I used 15 for the second ring.  Yours may be more or less depending on the size of the bottle and how tightly you rolled the nappies.

Layer Two

Because I wanted a three layer tier cake, my bottom tier had three rings to it.  If it were only a two-tier cake there would only be two rings round the talc bottle.  Here is the base finished ⇓.

Three rings of nappies round the talc

Now it’s time for the second tier.  Go about it the same way as tier one, placing your rolled nappies round the column and securing with string.

Tier TwoMake two rings round the bottle (not three).  You will see this allows the bottom tier to sit out wider than the middle, creating a tier.

Tier Two CompletedYou will most likely have now run out of central column for the top tier which is where the feeder bottle comes in.  Place the feeder on top of the talc bottle and create a top tier with only one ring of nappies around it.  The finished naked cake looks like this ⇓ (it was evening, can you tell with the reflections on the wall?).

The Three Tiers.Take the white ribbon and use it to essentially cover up the ugly string.  Secure at the back by pinning.  Your cake should be starting to look a bit nicer now!

Ribbon and PinsNext take the thinner coloured ribbon, place round the cake over the white (thicker) ribbon and make some pretty bows (such a girl!).

Ready to DecorateTake the feeding spoons to create ‘candles’ and place in the nappies on the top tier.

Feeding Spoons

Nappy Cake and 'Candles'Finally decorate with your shoes, pacifiers, figurines.. whatever you found to make it look amazing!

Cars on a Cake

A Nappy CakeDefinitely adds a WOW to the present table.

Cake and Presents

Et voila!  This cost around £50 to make but I would say that if you went for cheaper decorations and managed to get nappies at cost it could definitely be done for £30.  Do let me know if you attempt one or post your pic to my Facebook Page here

(P.s Excuse the white balance flip-out  across the images!  Pictures were taken over a few days and at different times of day meaning there’s a right mix of whites happening and collectively they don’t look so even… still, you get the gist!)


How to: Make World Map Bunting

If you’re throwing a summer party this would make super-cute cheap decor!  Bunting has certainly had its comeback and one wonders have we not all seen enough?  That said,  recently we threw a baby shower and wanted something ‘blue-ish ‘ to be able to transform the room a little and so it did.  We also thought this would also be a sweet present to give away to our Mom-to-be for baby’s room, so after scouring the web and seeing some nice-but-pricey stuff decided to get crafty.  It cost £2.99; Here’s how to make!

Finished Bunting

You will need:
1 x large world map (kids drawings/home lifestyle or decor magazines also make great images for bunting).

This huge Collins map ⇓ was from Jespers in Harrogate, you can also buy from ‘The Works’ for the same price.  It comes rolled up so open it our if you can, a few hours before making to allow the paper to de-curl.

Take One World Map

Ribbon or String as long as you need it to be.  We had this grey grosgrain ribbon in and so cost of the ribbon hasn’t been factored in to the £2.99.  If you are buying your ribbon it may end up making the total a fiver!

Grey Grosgrain

Red Grosgrain

Red would also have looked nice but as I was making the bunting double-sided, wanted a thicker ribbon.

Lastly, you will need a piece of thicker paper/card for a template, (can be a cereal packet or whatever else you have), scissors and glue


Defining the Shape

Decide on a triangle size.  Ours was going to be put up in quite a tall room so wanted it reasonable big.  We made it 18cm across and 22cm down to the point.  Leave a ‘lip’ on the top of the triangle, deep enough to be able to fold over your ribbon and touch the paper again on the reverse.

Ready to Trace

Fold over the lip on the template and mark where the edges need to be cut to match your triangle edges.  It should look like this ⇑ once cut.


Take your large world map, turn it over so the you are drawing on the reverse and starting at the top draw round your template.  Make sure each new tracing of your template touches the one before (shown as F’s here).  This not only makes cutting out easier but means you can use the upside-down triangles this creates as the reverse of your bunting should you want one.  (Yes, they will be upside down but that doesn’t really matter.)

Fronts and Backs

When you have finished you will have two piles.  One (left) with the lip on it one (on the right) of all the ‘waste’ triangles that we are going to use for reverse.

Measuring Out

At this stage, is you are unsure of how many triangles you need to cut and can lay out your ribbon on the floor, just do a mock-up on the floor between the two points you are going to hang your bunting.  Allow a hand-width for spacing.


Use a ruler to create an edge whilst you fold over all the ‘lips’.

Folded Edges


Now all the preparing’s done, the fun part.  Glue your triangles (with lips) over your ribbon and if you decide you want, glue on your backing triangles.

Use Hand Width to Space

I just used a hand-width as a guide for spacing; quick, and easier than measuring.  Finally, hang!

Baby Shower Bunting


One world map made seven and a half meters worth so it’s definitely value for money.  Happy making and do let me know if you decide to try!



How To: Decorate an Easter Egg (the post I never thought I’d write!)

Spot the Real Egg

Normally I blog once a week (on a Thursday), and NOT about kids crafts… but the other night in a moment of total ‘lets get crafty’ spontaneity with my daughter, decided to photograph what we were doing and make a little tutorial out of it.  So this (points to above picture), is where we are headed in this little egg-decorating post … I never write these kinds of post.. but got very inspired by the colour and sparkles and thought it may just help a few of you with hours  of activity to fill over the Easter Holidays… so here goes… ready?

Gather your materials… brushes, eggs, paints, palette and decorations.  We didn’t have any of these things so had to buy it all but visited a local, cheap DIY place (Boyes) and got it all for £15 most of which we’ll use again and again. The eggs were 30p for the small and 70p for the large, so if you’re making gifts these work out at a really great price!  (if you get decorations to stick on, like these shown, try look for the ones pre-glued… saves time and mess!)

Squeeze out the paints you want to do the all-over colour in.  We used two coats of acrylic paint… they dried really quick so if you’re doing six eggs – the first will have dried by the time you’ve finished the last and you can then begin painting your second coat.

Start Painting!

Wait for your eggs to be completely dry.  Cheap brushes do tend to leave behind stray hairs (as this green egg shows!) so if you want your eggs ‘perfect’ you may want to use better quality brushes.

Ready for Decorating!


Paint on your decorative spots, stripes – zig-zags – whatever you like and add your decorative sparkly-bits.  My little buddy didn’t like the fact her brush produced odd-shaped spots so we used the end of a pencil to get nice round ones.

And you are finished!  These will make the cutest Easter gifts for friends, Grandparents, neighbours who you want to send a little something to without giving chocolate!  If you give it a go post your pictures to the OUR STYLE of LOVE Facebook Page and share those genius ideas of your own!

There will be a post next week but I imagine many of you will be out and about gadding so HAVE A VERY HAPPY EASTER! Olivia. x

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