Crafthouse Leeds does Afternoon Tea

Every now and then, life presents an occasion for which a classic British afternoon tea is the answer.  Outside of what can be, the busier eating times of lunch and dinner, it affords a far more relaxed setting in which to indulge a little luxury.

Crafthouse, located in Trinity Leeds launches it’s afternoon tea tomorrow (just in time for Easter); earlier this week I took Miss P to a preview tasting.

As any no-sugar, no-carb person would, I think agree, if you’re going to break rank on regular dietary disciplines, it needs to be worth it.  This was!

The basic afternoon tea menu includes tea’s and coffee’s, with prosecco and Moet as optional extras.

One plate savoury, two sweet, I had wondered if Miss P would touch any of the savoury.   The ‘mini burger’ style Yorkshire ham and tomato chutney buns went down a treat and in the end she only left the smoked salmon and charcoal cones for me.

Unlike other rather bland afternoon teas we’ve tasted, the flavours at play were superb and visually it looks fantastic – no standard three tier cake stands here!

The sweet plates were a delight.  Raspberry tart, chocolate and praline torte (my favourite) and macaron were all simply heaven.  The scones too (which can be a bad experience) were perfection.

Our afternoon tea experience at Crafthouse was one we didn’t pay for.  It can be hard for any of us who read blogs, to know how genuinely authentic the author of a post is being if at all we have any idea whether or not they ‘got it free’.  As a result, in summation, I try answer two very simple questions; “would I pay for it myself and would I return?”   The answer is absolutely!

Afternoon Tea at Crafthouse is available Tuesday  – Saturday 2pm – 4.45pm.  Prices from £18pp.  You can visit the Crafthouse website here



How to: Make the simplest Easter Tree

Last year during the Easter break we got into painting polystyrene eggs here at Beau HQ.  Although I grew up doing craft – I never sought to be a make-it, bake-it mother myself yet the season found us painting eggs (read the ‘how-to’ post here).  Time in the school holidays this year meant it was only natural to do an Easter ‘something’ and so we share ‘le tree’.

Easter Tree 6Easter Tree 3

The pussy willow bought a month ago is still going strong so we decided to add to it.  With Christmas is long gone, it’s kinda nice to make the effort and bring some additional colour inside the home if spring isn’t quite in full bloom… which it’s so not at present!  The eggs from last year we poked a hole in the top, filled with superglue then stuck some ribbon into.

Easter Tree 1

The owls were Christmas decorations I still  hadn’t got round to putting away (though the rest of the decs are away I promise)….

Easter Tree 2

Except these copper baubles which I deemed fit for the year through…

Easter Tree 4

Easter Tree 5

..and that’s very simply it!  Hope you have a great Easter whatever you do, love those you’re with… chocolate aside it’s what Easter’s all about – LOVE.


The best time to visit London? (don’t tell anyone but it’s Easter Monday!)

Iconic Red Phone Boxes

Easter Bank Holiday we went and stayed in London, the last place you should go on Bank Holiday some may have said; ‘won’t it be heaving with people…?!’

The answer was no.

It was blissfully perfect for adults and kids allowing us to enjoy the city we saw rather than get lost in the sheer volume of normal city-goers and commuters.  We could wander – let the kids go on ahead and was altogether the most peasant experience!

Though we never set out looking for a break on a budget, a family stay in London can certainly be done very reasonably.  Travelling by train we got a family rail-card meaning transport for five, return, was £120.

Then it’s ‘where to stay’.  If you go the hotel option you have to pay a good buck to get anything of any decent size and standard; so then it’s a question do you go two rooms or one family…but then if you’re in with the kids that kills your evening whilst you maintain total quiet (anyone else know what I’m talking about?!).  Solution: I found us an apartment which was absolutely perfect!  That came in at about £290 but it was a great size with tonnes of living room, kitchen, ensuites etc; it was a 2 minute walk from the tube and it was a great home from home.  Check out Marlin Apartments if you’re looking for somewhere to stay – highly recommend them and they have various apartments right across the city.

Lastly, we used our trusty Tesco Clubcard Vouchers for a meal or two… I know… it’s hilarious – but at many restaurant they quadruple in value meaning when we went to Pizza Express we only paid for drinks!

So, that’s London Baby… We know where we’ll be next Easter!

How To: Decorate an Easter Egg (the post I never thought I’d write!)

Spot the Real Egg

Normally I blog once a week (on a Thursday), and NOT about kids crafts… but the other night in a moment of total ‘lets get crafty’ spontaneity with my daughter, decided to photograph what we were doing and make a little tutorial out of it.  So this (points to above picture), is where we are headed in this little egg-decorating post … I never write these kinds of post.. but got very inspired by the colour and sparkles and thought it may just help a few of you with hours  of activity to fill over the Easter Holidays… so here goes… ready?

Gather your materials… brushes, eggs, paints, palette and decorations.  We didn’t have any of these things so had to buy it all but visited a local, cheap DIY place (Boyes) and got it all for £15 most of which we’ll use again and again. The eggs were 30p for the small and 70p for the large, so if you’re making gifts these work out at a really great price!  (if you get decorations to stick on, like these shown, try look for the ones pre-glued… saves time and mess!)

Squeeze out the paints you want to do the all-over colour in.  We used two coats of acrylic paint… they dried really quick so if you’re doing six eggs – the first will have dried by the time you’ve finished the last and you can then begin painting your second coat.

Start Painting!

Wait for your eggs to be completely dry.  Cheap brushes do tend to leave behind stray hairs (as this green egg shows!) so if you want your eggs ‘perfect’ you may want to use better quality brushes.

Ready for Decorating!


Paint on your decorative spots, stripes – zig-zags – whatever you like and add your decorative sparkly-bits.  My little buddy didn’t like the fact her brush produced odd-shaped spots so we used the end of a pencil to get nice round ones.

And you are finished!  These will make the cutest Easter gifts for friends, Grandparents, neighbours who you want to send a little something to without giving chocolate!  If you give it a go post your pictures to the OUR STYLE of LOVE Facebook Page and share those genius ideas of your own!

There will be a post next week but I imagine many of you will be out and about gadding so HAVE A VERY HAPPY EASTER! Olivia. x

The shop called Nora’s.

Nora's commissions fantastic pieces like this limited edition print for The Tour de Yorkshire. Click on the image to shop.

Nora’s commissions fantastic pieces like this limited edition print for The Tour de Yorkshire. Click on the image to shop.

Hello readers, what a week!  So many of you liked the toast house post; thank you for all your comments and shares, it is really encouraging.

About a year ago I shared my love for Nora’s with you, if you didn’t see that post you can read it here (click!)  The post was the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ (more words, less pictures).  Since this blog has become more photo’s orientated and as Victoria (very lovely shop owner) is always buying in so many beautiful pieces, I had to re-visit and share some of the amazing things available now, with you all.  It’s clear… there’s just something about Nora’s!

Nora’s is the ‘go-to’ place when you need to get a gift for any member of the family… and you don’t know what to get but then you just end up seeing something… it’s that kinda place.  So whether it’s that last-minute Mothers’ Day or Easter presents – you’ll probably find them here!

For those not local to Ilkley, do visit the newly-overhauled online shop (here).  This revamped site is a great improvement on the old one so do re-visit if its been a while.  Would love to know what you think… what are your favourite pieces?

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