Why we love toast house

Where the Magic Happens

The very smell of toast says ‘comfort’, ‘home’, ‘more-ish’ so although I don’t even eat bread/ toast (crikey- it’s carbs!) … I do here!

toast house Ilkley is the brainchild of Natasha Byers and Lisa Jenkins.  Opened just 6 months ago it is still a relatively new coffee house on the Ilkley scene but whereas Starbucks’ goal is to be third place (i.e 1.home, 2.work, 3.Starbucks) – this place for me is that… and then some.  Everything you experience from the menu to the neon pink handwritten tags is their idea, it is absolutely 100% their STYLE OF LOVE.  Oh do we LOVE those places!!

toast house is a place you feel.  Everywhere you look there is ingenuity, creativity and quite frankly, fabulous kookiness!  There are photographs of grandparents working in the mills, an old bench for kids to play at, sackcloth-covered old cinema seats… and for the love of all things ‘ahhh’ fairy lights that connect with that inner, year-round Christmas!!

The menu, quite simply is toast + a plethora of toppings, amazing cakes and the best coffee!  You can buy the jam, the bread and (oh we have one) the hand-printed tote bag!  toast house is a place we love because it is clearly two local girls having a blast and inviting the rest of us to join in the ride.  I don’t know about you but I’m on board!

Love to hear what you think about toast house… your kind of place?!



The Star Inn The City

Late 2013 The Star Inn The City opened on the bank of The River Ouse in York.  Sourcing most of their produce from Yorkshire, we had to check it out in its first week of opening and were wowed.  Andrew Pern has created a masterpiece.

It has since been a first ‘port of call’ of the day to any outing to York and last week we returned once more on a family birthday for their divine waffles and pancakes with coffee.

You will love the country decor; clever touches here and there that simply make you smile.  It has the feel of home away from holiday home… log-fires, home-cooked food like the kind some clever member of your family cooks on special occasions (if you’re lucky!)  It is light, airy and spacious so you have room to go and be yourself.

We have yet to experience it in summer, when the decking overlooking the river will provide a glorious setting for chilled afternoon drinks; yet to taste lunch or evening meal.  But all in good time,  I get the feeling The Star Inn the City will be in the City of York for many more visits.

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