Hello Harlow Carr

Hello it’s been another glorious week and yes we have a NEW NAME – what do you think?  Underneath I’m still all about ‘OUR STYLE of LOVE’ and it’s been a wonderful part of my journey but felt LIFESTYLE | YORKSHIRE was more the direction of the future and the name is a little more ‘does what it says on the tin’.


Throughout Summer, I was aware of so many people visiting RHS Harlow Carr… even my daughter went twice and without me!  I was told it was awash with Summer flowers and would be an amazing place to go take photos let alone be such an enjoyment.  Still I just never got there; summer passed…

One day last week, quite unexpectedly, having gone to meet my sister for another purpose, she said “do you fancy Harlow Carr?” and so with my two nephews in tow, we went on one of those gorgeously sunlit Autumn days that are so rare in their absolute perfection…. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

Harlow Carr 1 Harlow Carr 3 Harlow Carr 4 Harlow Carr 5 Harlow Carr 6 Harlow Carr 7IMG_1082 Harlow Carr 8

IMG_1103 IMG_1106 IMG_1098 IMG_1099 IMG_1100 IMG_1101 IMG_1104 IMG_1105 IMG_1097IMG_1087

Once the gardens had been explored, it was time to refuel at Bettys (how delighted was I they had a Bettys!) followed by a browse round the very well stocked and surprisingly large book and gift shop.  This is the kind of place to take your time, to wander… to take in your surroundings.



Harlow Carr is a must-see if you are ever in the Harrogate vicinity.  There is an entrance fee but if you can hook up with someone who has an RHS annual pass that’s the way to go!  I look forward to returning in the Summer at the latest as I can imagine it will also be magical covered in frost and snow!  You can visit their website here.



One Battery Pack, Still Gorgeous and a lot of Kitsch


 Hey readers, scanners and browsers, hope you’ve all had a great week.  Bit of a mixed-bag week of things I’m loving but that’s life right – bit of this and a bit of that?!
1.  Anyone else a bit of a tech geek?  No?
Ok who is on the go all day and often runs out of phone charge…?
Hence this weeks first up is the Technet Power Bank.. sexy I know.
Great technology, to me is just that, great, amazing and sometimes darned beautiful (when it works)!  This piece of kit is pretty fab because it meant that last week when we were away we didn’t have the concern about a lack of plug sockets.  It will do eight full recharges of a phone from flat and does iPads too.  Invaluable if you need that kind of a thing, highly recommend.  Bought it on Amazon here.

2.  Second, Still Gorgeous.  We stumbled upon this shop in Harrogate about three weeks ago as we’d parked right outside and saw the pretty dresses hanging out the front.  Picking up about eight off the rail to try, we wandered inside to find it was a kids clothes exchange.
You can buy off the rail and walk out however, if you have old clothes you want them to sell on your behalf, they will do so and you get a percentage back.  We walked away with two big bags of the most amazing quality kids clothing, brands like Massimo Dutti, Benetton, Burberry, Noa Noa and Joules.  We visited again this week and picked up a few colder weather pieces (hello!) and all I can say is it’s well worth a visit.  I generally can’t be faffed with thrift buying/raking through racks to find a bargain… it is JUST NOT MY BAG… but this little place is easy enough to navigate and on the two days we’ve been in we’ve been very happy with our purchases.  They do have a Facebook page apparently … Will find link… Ok here it is (click) to which they post their latest pieces.

3.  Lastly, a little bit of quirky fun.  Headed to the till at Boots I saw a stand with these on display.  Lots of varying designs, I wondered what they were for £7.50 and soon realised – hair ties.  The selling point though, clearly, was that they are a little bit of arm candy too because… ‘who doesn’t have a bobble tied round their wrist at some point?’  Well if you’re one of those people,  these are a bit fab, they hold and don’t snag your hair and just look kinda fab!




The Camera or The Creativity: Which Came First?

It has occurred to me over recent months, as it may have you, that social media ok Instagram, has opened up a whole world of creativity to people who didn’t even know they wanted to take photos.  In none of my school years or further education did I know I wanted to take pictures of pretty things, and ultimately it be a way of making a living.

Whilst upside down the other night in downward dog (err Yoga?!) the two questions below came to me:
How am I creative?   If you want to get a little bit further behind this thinking you can watch a video that inspired the above (here) it’s by Sir Ken Robinson, great thinker and totally my take on things too.
In Harrogate last week with my cousin and our kids, I was aware that, on a regular (albeit lovely) day I was walking along taking photos of most things; the children, the flowers, the townhouses.  I have not always been this way inclined.
Lavender and BlackBeautiful DoorsTwisted Trees Hide and Seek
It wasn’t that I was trying to capture every moment to brag about on Instagram (hello!) nor that I was so busy trying to capture the ‘perfect shot’ that I couldn’t be in the moment, but to me it is enjoyable to walk along snapping away!
Town Houses in HarrogatePink and Black, stunning contrast Black DoorLavender and RailingsFine Door at 108Huge HydrangeasWhat a PorchWellington Street
The Royal Baths
This is a new thing.  Taking pictures of beautiful things followed by the process of creating a feed or stream with them… I LOVE it!  Confession: I’m a little picky and if, after posting, I check my feed and I don’t like how the latest pics sits with the others, it comes down!
The purchase of a new camera a few months ago (Panasonic Lumix GF6) and discovering Instagram have definitely been instrumental in the desire to create something beautiful.  Yet to think that ten years ago this was not available?  Amazing!  We have Apps and editing tools at our fingertips, once only afforded to ‘designers’, now we can all experiment.  This is not idling away the time, it is being CREATIVE.
Creativity is ideas, it is new territory and is definitely the discovery of OUR STYLE OF LOVE.  I’m discovering my STYLE OF LOVE all the time.  Maybe you’re more creative than you realise….?  Can I encourage you to see the time spent doing things you love not as wasted time, but as time exploring your creativity which is vital to your STYLE OF LOVE.  The world needs it!

Summers light, Scented candles and Smokey eyes

Hello Summer! Well…almost here at Beau HQ though I know for many it has already begun.  The warmer weather in Yorkshire has been most welcomed and the life that it enables us to live is such a delight.  I love all seasons but I think I’m really mostly absolutely a summer girl…. What about you?

1.   First up on this weeks favourites is exactly that summer vibe; warmer and lighter nights!  This week my girl and I after a post-school shop in nearby Harrogate, decided to turn the car round on the way home and go back into the town for supper.  We both simply wanted to stay out longer in the evening warmth and had the most beautiful time just talking away like ‘big girls’.  We went to the newly opened Lucia’s which has lots of al fresco dining… Highly recommend!  Didn’t  get a photo from the frontage this time but there’s a post I wrote earlier on Facebook here.

As we left and walked back to our car through the town houses pictured here, we found ourselves amidst a reading festival and surrounded by people just…doing.. life… ahhh so romantically gorgeous.

Crime Reading Festival

We passed this handsome heifer on the way home too… perfection.

Highland Heifer in Yorkshire

2.   Next up True Grace candles.  Normally associated with colder nights and snuggling in, but after a friend gave me one of these for my birthday I just had to buy another fragrance because they are such a summery delight.  True Grace candles I have long been a fan of but never owned. Till now.  The fragrance (when they are not even lit) wafts under your nose when you least expect and are so gorgeously scented, I’d highly recommend as a gift.  We have Chamomile (which isn’t like the herbal tea, ie kinda nice but tame….) and the one I’ve just bought is Lemon Tree… Soooo amazing and very summer.  You can buy online from Noras (here)

True Grace Candle: Lemon Tree

3.   Thirdly, as temperatures rise, eye makeup that doesn’t budge!  I came across 24 Hour Colour Tattoo (by Maybelline) about a couple of months back and immediately bought in 4 shades… It is amazing and half the beauty is you don’t need to be too precise!  Darker all-over the eye shades often require you to be needing long enough to apply i.e. night out for Moms or twenty-something with lots of time to experiment with application! This… Not so.  It ‘blends out’ really well meaning you can kinda swoosh over your eyes and it looks good!

Maybelline Tattoo

It’s called 24 hour Tattoo because it’s extremely hard-wearing.  The shades I’ve swatched here are (left to right) ‘On and on Bronze’, ‘Metallic Pomegranate’ and ‘Permanent Taupe’ and will definitely be coming away with me this summer!
So, that’s what’s been loved this week, what’s on your radar?   Do share what you’ve been experimenting with, recommendations are the way to go!  I for one am oh so happy with the change of pace and routine the summer days bring.  Till then! Xx



The Magic of Chalk Paint™

Chalk Paint™ breaks the rules and as ever, we like a bit of that!

Chalk Paint™ is the brand name of the genius paint invention/discovery by a lady called Annie Sloan over 20 years ago.  Its’ initial appeal is… YOU JUST SLAP IT ON (ok well it was to me!).  Not quite ‘Annie language’ I’m sure but those were the word’s someone used with me and as a busy working Momma where time is a precious, it’s exactly the product you want.  It requires one, maybe 2 coats of chalk paint then a coat of wax and you’re done.  We’ve painted furniture, walls, woodwork – so pretty much anything you’d want to; oh and you can paint fabric too!

Blue Hues

Inspired by 18th and 20th century decor the palette provides so many possibilities.  It is non-toxic, has zero VOC’s and is odourless.  When you buy it you will be supporting local retailers because it’s not available from the big hardware stores; Annie likes to support small businesses which is another thing we love about it.  Ours is down the road in Harrogate – a delightful shop called Mister Toad.  As well as owning  this fabulous shop, Kathy and Chris are approved to run Annie Sloan Workshops which are near or at capacity every time (you can find out more about Mister Toad on their website here).    What is more, I have yet to walk out with ‘just paint’!  From a potted rosemary tree in a pail, to trays and jugs, it is stocked with ‘buy me’ goodies as you can see below.

Everything you would want to know about this paint including all the colours available etc can be found on the Annie Sloan website (here).   Have a look at that then find your local retailer or buy it online and you’re away to go!

Till next week I will leave you with a few of my up cycling moments and I want to hear about any of yours – feel free to post to my Facebook page here.


Reflections in Harrogate


Seeing Double

Earlier this week I went to Harrogate, taking Cameran with me (my affectionately named LumixGF6), should I be inspired to snap as we wandered.
I was not.
Almost back at my car, ready to leave as I passed this window I was initially drawn to the very cute old-postcard style seaside bags! Standing there admiring the window I noticed the amazing reflection of the beautiful building of Prospect Crescent behind me.  Smiling I took the lens-cap off Cameran… sometimes, all we need is to get a different perspective.

Very British Stripes Cleethorpes The LK Bennett Window featuring King Street Seaside Wedges

 These amazing window displays were created by Jo at the Harrogate LK Bennet Store.  If you like and are in the vicinity – do pop in and tell her!


(click on any of the images below to go through to the LK BENNETT website)

Very British Stripes Cleethorpes Canvas Bag Seaside WedgesWhitley, Wedges and Flats

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