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One of the things I love to do here on the blog is to feature local independent shops.  I believe they make our towns what they are by creating a truly unique experience.

Any of you perusing Living Etc in the coming weeks, will see Alpine Lifestyle Boutique which  has just opened right on our door-step in Ilkley.


The name’s a giveaway; though it’s a long way from the slopes, everything through the doors transports you a la piste via exquisite LUXURY homewares. Read More


Malton Food Lovers Festival

The Malton Food Lovers Festival is an annual event that takes place in the market town of (you’ve guessed it), Malton, North Yorkshire.  As we were staying close by at the weekend, we thought we’d take a trip to pick up some food for  our barbecue that night.  We had SUCH a good time!

Malton Food Lovers Festival 7Malton Food Lovers Festival 13Malton Food Lovers Festival 19

We arrived early looking for a second breakfast of coffee and pastries, so after tearing ourselves away from many stalls en-route, decided upon this little cart from ‘The Patisserie‘.

Malton Food Lovers Festival 8 Malton Food Lovers Festival 9 Malton Food Lovers Festival 10

It was great to see so much local produce grown by local people and as most stalls had samples available, you could try before you purchased.

Though there was the option to purchase tickets to watch cooking demonstrations and talks by well-known chefs, with eight in our party, keen to get tasting, we decided against.

Malton Food Lovers Festival 18Malton Food Lovers Festival 17Malton Food Lovers Festival 22
Malton Food Lovers Festival 25 Malton Food Lovers Festival 23Malton Food Lovers Festival 24

Though I visited Malton frequently as a child, I couldn’t remember anything of the cobbled square the Festival was held in which added to my enjoyment of wandering in-and-out of stalls and shops.

Malton Food Lovers Festival 3Malton Food Lovers Festival 1Malton Food Lovers Festival 5 Malton Food Lovers Festival 11Malton Food Lovers Festival 12Malton Food Lovers Festival 4

On the periphery of the square was ‘Interiors  at 9 to 11‘ which had some amazing pieces inside!  Director Sarah couldn’t have been more lovely taking time to explain the transition of the store from ‘Stitches’ (which it used to be), to the place it is today – well worth a visit!

Malton Food Lovers Festival 30 Malton Food Lovers Festival 29

It also gave me chance to get this slightly more elevated shot of part the festival!

Malton Food Lovers Festival 31

As it got to lunchtime, the energetic vibe increased thanks to the the LIVE music.  There was a great buzz about the place and as the black clouds refrained from opening, coats came off and more refreshment was sought.

Malton Food Lovers Festival 28 Malton Food Lovers Festival 27Malton Food Lovers Festival 26

This was a FANTASTIC morning out, thoroughly enjoyed by all of us that went, so much so we think we’ll make it an annual extended-family trip.  We came away with sausages, cheeses, flavoured popcorn, brownies, fresh fruit and veg… as food-lovers, t’was the perfect event to attend!

Check out the Food Lovers Festival website here whilst I close with something a bit daft as I like to do now and then!

Malton Food Lovers Festival 21

Fun-loving parentals!


Christmas with James… (Brindley not Bond!)

Last week James Brindley Harrogate opened their doors for a festive evening.  As it started at 5.30pm I thought this a perfect ‘grown-up’ event to take my little lady too.  ‘Twas dark outside and a winter wonderland inside with a band crooning away the night we had a really lovely evening!

James Brindley HarrogateJames Brindley Christmas WindowJames Brindley WonderlandJames Brindley: WishJames Brindley baublesJames Brindley FurnishingsJames Brindley SofaJames Brindley Lanterns

Knowing that Momma is always taking photo’s for the blog, Miss P asked if she could take a few… I love seeing what she captures!

We were then asked to be photographed for Yorkshire Life Magazine so here’s our best ‘we are pretending not to be aware of the cameraman’ pose!

Yorkshire Life's capture of us on the night James Brindley candles James Brindley Christmas archwayJames Brindley hedgehog James Brindley stairsJames Brindley: PeacockJames Brindley displayThis is one of my favourite images from the night… one little girl mesmerised by the band, unaware I’m taking the picture of her.

Watching the bandJames Brindley window


If you are looking for some fabulous Christmas inspiration, Brindleys is definitely on my recommended list.  Although we do not need ANY more decorations come Christmas, we come away with some gorgeous copper baubles and vase that will be out in the home all year round!

You can visit James Brindleys website here.



Strawberry Shortcake

“Ooh this time last week”… do you ever say that?  Well we are today because last Sunday we spent a large portion of the day at one of our favourite lifestyle places to hangout, CHESTERS.

Blackboard and Chalk Signage

Chesters is everything you’d want for a relaxed and terribly civilised Sunday.  Nestled by the River Brathay at Skelwith Bridge, everything within its doors is housed behind a beautiful slate facade looking every-bit the part in its woodland surroundings.  Yes, you’d think there’d be a picture of the exterior but it monsooned last Sunday so there was most definitely no way I was going to get that shot!

Cakes, Cakes and more Cakes

Each time we have returned to Chesters from when we first discovered it ten years ago, it has only ever improved; something you would never think it needed because of it being so darn perfect as it was.

Chester the Dog

Complete with outdoor decking you can descend to the river to if you fancy a paddle on a warmer day, else don the wellies and just go for it.  It’s a place you go to gently while away the hours eating, drinking and if you fancy, doing a spot o’ shopping… what’s not to love?

Ok first up, the food…

Food ready to be cooked Orange San Pellegrino Some amazing multi-bean dish Thai Chicken SaladHow do you choose?Victoria SpongePeanut BlondieLemon MerangueBarista at work Cute Tipping Pot

Amazing right?!  The menu is fantastic and extremely good value for money, if visiting you have to play a game I invented here called ‘Cake Roulette’.  Simply buy the same number of cakes as per people in your party (maybe add in a coupe of extras) then take a bite and pass it round!  Means you get to sample more of the INCREDIBLE baking that happens here.

On the other side of the building is an absolutely delightful shop selling everything from books to exquisite pieces for the home, girly things, man stuff.  These pics are only the smallest representation of what’s there but needless to say, post eating it makes for a very happy experience!


If you’re planning a trip to Cumbria any time soon, this place is most definitely worth a visit, you can visit their website here to find out more.  Happy Days! X


How to: Make World Map Bunting

If you’re throwing a summer party this would make super-cute cheap decor!  Bunting has certainly had its comeback and one wonders have we not all seen enough?  That said,  recently we threw a baby shower and wanted something ‘blue-ish ‘ to be able to transform the room a little and so it did.  We also thought this would also be a sweet present to give away to our Mom-to-be for baby’s room, so after scouring the web and seeing some nice-but-pricey stuff decided to get crafty.  It cost £2.99; Here’s how to make!

Finished Bunting

You will need:
1 x large world map (kids drawings/home lifestyle or decor magazines also make great images for bunting).

This huge Collins map ⇓ was from Jespers in Harrogate, you can also buy from ‘The Works’ for the same price.  It comes rolled up so open it our if you can, a few hours before making to allow the paper to de-curl.

Take One World Map

Ribbon or String as long as you need it to be.  We had this grey grosgrain ribbon in and so cost of the ribbon hasn’t been factored in to the £2.99.  If you are buying your ribbon it may end up making the total a fiver!

Grey Grosgrain

Red Grosgrain

Red would also have looked nice but as I was making the bunting double-sided, wanted a thicker ribbon.

Lastly, you will need a piece of thicker paper/card for a template, (can be a cereal packet or whatever else you have), scissors and glue


Defining the Shape

Decide on a triangle size.  Ours was going to be put up in quite a tall room so wanted it reasonable big.  We made it 18cm across and 22cm down to the point.  Leave a ‘lip’ on the top of the triangle, deep enough to be able to fold over your ribbon and touch the paper again on the reverse.

Ready to Trace

Fold over the lip on the template and mark where the edges need to be cut to match your triangle edges.  It should look like this ⇑ once cut.


Take your large world map, turn it over so the you are drawing on the reverse and starting at the top draw round your template.  Make sure each new tracing of your template touches the one before (shown as F’s here).  This not only makes cutting out easier but means you can use the upside-down triangles this creates as the reverse of your bunting should you want one.  (Yes, they will be upside down but that doesn’t really matter.)

Fronts and Backs

When you have finished you will have two piles.  One (left) with the lip on it one (on the right) of all the ‘waste’ triangles that we are going to use for reverse.

Measuring Out

At this stage, is you are unsure of how many triangles you need to cut and can lay out your ribbon on the floor, just do a mock-up on the floor between the two points you are going to hang your bunting.  Allow a hand-width for spacing.


Use a ruler to create an edge whilst you fold over all the ‘lips’.

Folded Edges


Now all the preparing’s done, the fun part.  Glue your triangles (with lips) over your ribbon and if you decide you want, glue on your backing triangles.

Use Hand Width to Space

I just used a hand-width as a guide for spacing; quick, and easier than measuring.  Finally, hang!

Baby Shower Bunting


One world map made seven and a half meters worth so it’s definitely value for money.  Happy making and do let me know if you decide to try!



Milk Bottles, Mini Rodini and Muchos Veg

Happy Thursday bloggers! Hope you have had a good week and if you’re in the UK have been enjoying this warmer weather… Sooo nice!  This week I’m going to mix it up a little (I know – living on the edge!), so today’s post is ‘what I’m loving this week’ and Sundays’ will be more of a feature post.  Time restraints, life, school holidays are all responsible so we’re just going with the flow! Loving so much right now, where do I start?!

1. Schools out but these milk bottles are in!  At the weekend we threw a baby shower.  It was such a sweet event and more pics from that will be on their way.  Meantime, I wanted to share these with you because if you are involved in hosting any little kids (or big ones) over the Summer then these ‘old school’ milk bottles with candy-stripe straws are super cute and look just delightful!  I ordered these online for £13, inclusive of straws and delivery, check them out (here: click!)

2.   Next up my little girl is LOVING this amazingly cute print dress by Mini Rodini from Herbert and Stella in Ilkley.  I’m not one for buying branded clothes for the sake of wearing a brand, I only tell you it’s Mini Rodini so you know what you’re looking for!  Herbert and Stella is a children’s clothing and toy boutique, they stock up to a size 7 so at nearly age 8 (and very tall) I was dubious as to whether I’d get away with this but it’s perfect and I think we’ll see at least a year/ 18 months out of it.  It also comes in a T-shirt/PJ top, bottoms/leggins, rompers and goodness knows what else!  The new season prints launched TODAY and it’s all very whacky circus prints, so if you fancy something a bit different for your little strong boy or girl then have a look at their online shop here.

3.   Lastly, I posted this picture on Instagram this week. It’s homegrown, allotment veg and it tastes blooming lovely!  The sentiment behind the post you can read below:

Ah you know those lovely people who have feeds or timelines full of all things earthy/ au naturel that you think 'oh too sweet but whose life looks that effortlessly fab'?! He he!!! #score! Ah my Father asked if I wanted any veg from the allotment when they came to visit which I said we would. He walked through the door with it just like this.. A wee #trug which was so picture perfect I was so grateful! There on the bottom left is a #rose he's grown too called #Audrey! Incidentally, the day previous we'd been treated to dinner by my sister (another gift). After they'd all gone home I thought about this #GIFT. I mused that sometimes it can be the finished meal all 'wow' cooked for us and served by waiters that we receive, and then sometimes it's in it's rawest form, complete with slugs coming out the lettuce... Yet both gifts were just that, a gift and so special in their own way that each were appreciated equally. It's not the size or cost of what we give in life, it's the heartfelt outward expression on giving of ourselves, our time, our love, that matters... What do you think? #justsaying #lifestyle #blogger #Yorkshire #vegetables #homegrown

Ah you know those lovely people who have feeds or timelines full of all things earthy/ au naturel that you think ‘oh too sweet but whose life looks that effortlessly fab’?! He he, #score!

My Father asked if I wanted any veg from the allotment when they came to visit which I said we would. He walked through the door with it just like this… A wee #trug which was so picture perfect I was so grateful! There on the bottom left is a #rose he’s grown too called #Audrey.

Incidentally, the day previous we’d been treated to dinner by my sister (another gift). After they’d all gone home I thought about this #GIFT. I mused that sometimes it can be the finished meal all ‘wow’ cooked for us and served by waiters that we receive, and then sometimes it’s in it’s rawest form, complete with slugs coming out the lettuce… Yet both gifts were just that, a gift and so special in their own way that each were appreciated equally.

It’s not the size or cost of what we give in life, it’s the heartfelt outward expression on giving of ourselves, our time, our love, that matters… What do you think? 



Your Home: How Attracted are You?

Last weekend after a rather busy one (the Tour De France came to town!) I crashed on the sofa with my daughter which inspired this post on Instagram:
HOME with P.

At the end of the day, #HOME is a place you achieve from within first… Hence ‘where the heart is’! It’s being able to put your feet up, to rest completely with those you love. And when the crowds dispersed, that’s exactly what we did. What a weekend! #TDF #tourdefrance #tourdeyorkshire #lifestyle #blogger from the heart of #Yorkshire, our home.

It got me thinking… although a sense of HOME does begin inside, it really can make the difference to our general wellbeing if we are deliberate about our environment and take the time to make it delightful to the senses.
How many of you spend a reasonable amount of your time at home?  Does it inspire you, relax you?  Is it a place you enjoy spending time…. Or is it purely the place you crash at the end of the day that you never really give much thought to?
I LOVE my home. It is not my dream home, nor all I would choose were I given a blank piece of paper (and cheque to go with), but it is our space and I LOVE spending time here.  Apart from being a great space, it’s the collected details that make me smile so I thought I’d share with you today, to maybe inspire you to start collecting your enjoyables if you simply don’t know where to start.
There is no right or wrong – it’s YOUR home!  Furnish it how you like.  Don’t wait for the ‘Pinterest picture’ to be perfect if you have one.  Just begin with what YOU love and make that space of yours YOURS!
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