IntroJuicing the zone of least comfort

When you dare to step out side of your comfort zone, you’ll say ‘yes’ to things you would otherwise say ‘no’ to.
An inner ‘no’ to an event invitation became an outward ‘yes’ when I was challenged by two people with “well why wouldn’t you go to it?”.  With a ‘fine I’ll go!’ I Carpe Diem’d it and attended my first ever blogger event.
Don’t be laughing!  We all have our differing levels of comfort zones and I just do NOT go to group events like this… like, ever.  Mingling… a word that sends shivers down my spine is one of the main reasons…that and anything ‘groupy’… help!
The event was a juicing event, a collaboration of Currys with Phillips in Leeds via an email invitation out of the blue.  For the sake of the blog, plus already being a daily juicer, I said ‘yes’ and dared to step outside the zone I call comfort.
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The event took place at Lambert’s Yard, a gorgeous design-led creative event space.  Arriving for the start, the announcement then came, “we will be starting in half an hour”.  Half an hour on MINGLE TIME?? Oh kill me now!  Bloggers all around were mingling, chatting and taking photos with oh-so-many-cameras while I do my best nonchalant phone-checking.
We are separated into groups and rotate at half hour intervals between various stations.  Already well into juicing, there was nothing at the juicing stations that was new to me  but I was glad for lunch!  The two highlights therefore were a practical talk by an excellent nutritionist Shakela Shan (find out more about Shakela here) and finally a session of rocket yoga with Amanda from Yoga Elementz.  Having practised yoga at home for eight years this was my first session in public so to be told I’d been doing it right all this time was a bonus.  The thing with bloggers at these events is they just can’t stop taking photos – quite funny.
Juicy Ingredients 1Juicy Ingredients 4

Juice served from a bar... just wrong!

Juicy Ingredients 2

Sass says it's good

Sass says it’s good and writes a fab blog

Nutrition Guru Shaklea Shan Sunflower Seeds, Goji's and Chocolate Juicy Ingredients 5

Yoga Annnd relax! Namaste

Having being 99% going to bolt for the door after the first ten minutes, three hours later I left and walked through the streets of Leeds back to my car.
Was it worth it??
Well I think it’s all about the stretch (no pun intended!).  Once we do a thing once, if we make it through, the next time it may be just a little less scary – I made a few new friends and now know what goes on at a blogger event.  Would I go to another blogger event in the future… well…I might just!
So, this week, I dare you to say ‘yes’ to a normally automatic ‘no’ for you and see what happens!
Want more about the juicing?  Here’s one I wrote earlier and  here’s what Currys had to say about the event.
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