Yorkshire Summer… (don’t blink!)

Whilst many countries look forward to a definitive long and blissful Summer season, here in Yorkshire and indeed the UK at large, it’s a case of ‘wait and see’.

Yorkshire Summer 1

‘Heatwave’, ‘Indian Summer’ and ‘soaring temperatures’ are cruel terms used far too flippantly by the media at the mere whiff of a spell of warm weather.

Could this year possibly be the year??

From what my radar has picked up over the years, Southerners seem to get more warmer days than those of us ‘up-North’… and once again, only a few days off the longest day of the year…in Yorkshire, we’re still waiting…

Yorkshire Summer 8 Yorkshire Summer 3 Yorkshire Summer 5Yorkshire Summer 6 Yorkshire Summer 12Yorkshire Summer 11Yorkshire Summer 4

You won’t mind the wait if you don’t mind rapidly-changing skies and dramatic scenery.  These pictures (all taken in the last month) don’t do justice to how beautiful it is here, no matter what the day.

Yorkshire Summer 9Yorkshire Summer 14Yorkshire Summer 7

That said, once the sun does show and shoulders can enjoy that glorious heat, we absolutely  make the most of it.  Ice-creams on school – pick-up, meals al-fresco, work days re-scheduled and as much outdoor life experienced as possible.

Increasingly there are so many experiences and great days out to be had in Yorkshire, check out Welcome to Yorkshires site for what’s on.

We do get some cracking weather – it’s just a little… unpredictable so we’ve gotta go with the flow.  We can either lament the summer we don’t get or ‘balls out’ have a blast when it does show!

If that day is today, do whatever it is that is ‘SUMMER’ for you.

Don’t wait for day two… make the most of it TODAY!

The little lady and I one gloriously hot day last year

The little lady and I one gloriously hot day last year



The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

Have you ever been in the presence of complete silence?

Not ‘quiet’.

But complete and absolute SILENCE.

It has its own sound and I’ve found it messes with you a bit.

Last week out walking with a friend, miles from anywhere, we became aware that our voices were the only sounds.  In that moment we stopped and listened… Read More


Dusk over Lake Windermere

One of my favourite times of day…dusk, the other would be dawn. Something very special about both times when experienced outdoors. You don’t really get to appreciate either when inside, but out under the sky…. Magic happens. Here’s to more dusky skies!

P.s. find out more about this beautiful place here.


The Silent Spring

Ribblehead Viaduct

We live in a countryside town called Ilkley.  Ilkley is very beautiful.  Right now, nature is going crazy with the arrival of spring and it is very colourful.

Spring is also taking place not too many miles away but this time the remote kind of countryside.  This spring landscape isn’t so obvious.  Apart from very small lambs and the trees becoming that fresh limey green again, there is little differentiating colour.

Spring here has a colour palette of a different kind.  It is browns, creams, greys and greens.  On a dull day like the one I took these pictures, you may even say it was drab.  Yet seen through different eyes it is very beautiful; it just as magical as the spring of brighter colours.  It is quiet, not ‘showy’, doesn’t demand attention and is extremely relaxing to be around, it is soul food.  For the duration of my time there, it was mine and I its.


Time for School!


I Love Stone Walls


Green Gate


National Trust, Lambing Time

You can't sit with us!

Sheep in the fog

Blogging on the The Beach

It cannot boast white sands or an azure sea… (far from it) – but it’s the beach I have spent the most time on and recently family Beau  took a trip ‘home’ to the motherland… (Costa Del Filey) which is always special because it’s where I grew up!  Did any of you have childhood memories of Filey?  Well mine were made there so, less ‘holiday’ feel and more ‘just life’ but now when I return it’s ‘holiday’ for my daughter and I love to go running down by the ocean and across the sand.

Despite the raging wind and rain I decided to take my power walk down to the beach armed with my heart-rate monitor and trusty blackberry for picture opportunities.  I became aware of the stones I was striding over… they weren’t all boring usual stoney colour.  The more I looked, the more I saw (bit Winnie-the-Pooh that was) … so had to share with you; here it is, a blog about the beach!

Filey is rather a fab little place and if you’re going I’d highly recommend Katie Malones (home furnishings) on John Street.  We nearly always walk out with a bag in hand be it a throw, bedspread or gift of some sort (website doesn’t do it justice but you’ll just have to trust me and pop in).  For evening eats San Marco’s Italian; many a family celebration has been had there, great food and service (and usually some form of drink or other on the house… got to love local spirit!)

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