Crafthouse Leeds does Afternoon Tea

Every now and then, life presents an occasion for which a classic British afternoon tea is the answer.  Outside of what can be, the busier eating times of lunch and dinner, it affords a far more relaxed setting in which to indulge a little luxury.

Crafthouse, located in Trinity Leeds launches it’s afternoon tea tomorrow (just in time for Easter); earlier this week I took Miss P to a preview tasting.

As any no-sugar, no-carb person would, I think agree, if you’re going to break rank on regular dietary disciplines, it needs to be worth it.  This was!

The basic afternoon tea menu includes tea’s and coffee’s, with prosecco and Moet as optional extras.

One plate savoury, two sweet, I had wondered if Miss P would touch any of the savoury.   The ‘mini burger’ style Yorkshire ham and tomato chutney buns went down a treat and in the end she only left the smoked salmon and charcoal cones for me.

Unlike other rather bland afternoon teas we’ve tasted, the flavours at play were superb and visually it looks fantastic – no standard three tier cake stands here!

The sweet plates were a delight.  Raspberry tart, chocolate and praline torte (my favourite) and macaron were all simply heaven.  The scones too (which can be a bad experience) were perfection.

Our afternoon tea experience at Crafthouse was one we didn’t pay for.  It can be hard for any of us who read blogs, to know how genuinely authentic the author of a post is being if at all we have any idea whether or not they ‘got it free’.  As a result, in summation, I try answer two very simple questions; “would I pay for it myself and would I return?”   The answer is absolutely!

Afternoon Tea at Crafthouse is available Tuesday  – Saturday 2pm – 4.45pm.  Prices from £18pp.  You can visit the Crafthouse website here



Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds

Banyan Leeds is the fourth ‘Banyan Bar & Kitchen’ to be opened in Yorkshire.  Though you wouldn’t know from the exotic name, the ingredients are sourced from local suppliers; Banyan is very much a Yorkshire affair (and there’s 20% off for Lifestyle Yorkshire readers at the end of the post!)

Situated on the site of the Old Post Office in Leeds City Square, (directly opposite The Queens Hotel), it is in a fantastic location.  Outdoor seating is always a must when the warmer temperatures arrive and there’s 120 covers to ensure not a moments rays will be missed.

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 19

Ahead of it’s launch on April 22nd I was invited to a blogger event which involved tasting bite-sized food and sampling cocktails.  My taste buds were delighted!

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 1 Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 17Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 15

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 7

The restaurant is split over two levels, downstairs has a simple industrial feel; upstairs is dark and decadent.

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 5 Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 6Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 3

As the blogger event began, it became quickly apparent that they know what they’re talking about. From navigating the industry they’re in (hospitality/catering), to the details of the cocktails, wine and food… there’s thought gone into Banyan.

What results for you and I is a tantalising (and may I add, affordable) menu for breakfast, lunch, evening meal and late-night drinks.

Fussy eaters welcomed (my words not theirs); CEO Martin Wolstencroft reiterated the need to be on the ball with ever-increasing spectrum of dietary requirements.  For example, at breakfast you could have a Full English, or pancakes.  If neither of those is to your liking, there’s smashed avocado on toast, or you could go for Super Granola (No grains, no dairy, no gluten, no wheat, no sulphites)!

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 4Our arrival drink, a pea and mint bellini.

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 9Teriyaki belly pork.  Am not a great lover of pork – these bites were incredible!

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 10Crushed avocado & pea toasts.  Crispy duck spring rolls.Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 11 Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 12Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 13Vanilla cheesecake.  Salted caramel and chocolate torteBanyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 21

When you’re left wanting more, it’s always a good sign.  My return date to Banyan is booked for a few weeks time and am looking forward to full-sized meals, hopefully sat outside!

You can visit the Banyan website to see the full menu here

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 18



Banyan Leeds have kindly offered readers of LIFESTYLE YORKSHIRE 20% off.  Simply quote LIFESTYLEYORKSHIRE20.

(Code must be quoted at time of booking and booking made through  All offers are subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. All offers can be withdrawn at any time (without notice). Offer valid until 31st May 2016.)



Light Night Leeds

A couple of weeks ago went to the Light Night in Leeds, an annual ​multi-arts and light festival.  Prior to going we checked it out online, there was going to be so much going on in so many different locations across the city, (’60 free arts events in 10 zones’), we were bound to miss out on something no matter what we did!  We decided to head to the Trinity Centre and take it as it came.

Light Night Leeds 2015 1

The view from our table – the sky kicking the evening off with an impromptu display of its’ own.

Arriving in to Leeds for just after 5pm, we ate , shopped and took in the atmosphere for a good three hours and left just after 8pm though events went on till 11pm.
Light Night Leeds 2015 2

Reflections: The Trinity glass roof before the lights began

The Trinity light show you could be forgiven for mistaking as part of the building set up.  Lights at every intersection across the roof produced sequential lighting effects which were fabulous though a cluster of bean bags on the floor weren’t anything to write home about… perhaps more happened after we’d left; either way I hope the light stay!

Light Night Leeds 2015 4Light Night Leeds 2015 8 Light Night Leeds 2015 7 Light Night Leeds 2015 9 Light Night Leeds 2015 10

Out onto Briggate there was a choir, street market, brass band, and a huge owl that began a procession that walked through the streets followed by people of all ages with what looked like home-made lanterns.  Every time we came out of a shop there seemed to be something different about to start.  Walking back to the train station we passed a crowd at centenary square watching an impressive, building-wide projection into the front of The Queens Hotel.
Light Night Leeds 2015 11
Looking at social media following the event, there was clearly a lot more taking place than we’d seen, but a little person tired from a week at school, needed their bed – maybe next year we’ll stay up longer!
As this is an annual event, I’d ear mark it almost in preference to the Christmas Light Switch-on which will be happening in a few weeks and will no doubt be rammed and a much more crowded affair.  It was a perfect pre-Christmas little evening out and well worth a consideration for the future.
Light Night Leeds 2015 12

IntroJuicing the zone of least comfort

When you dare to step out side of your comfort zone, you’ll say ‘yes’ to things you would otherwise say ‘no’ to.
An inner ‘no’ to an event invitation became an outward ‘yes’ when I was challenged by two people with “well why wouldn’t you go to it?”.  With a ‘fine I’ll go!’ I Carpe Diem’d it and attended my first ever blogger event.
Don’t be laughing!  We all have our differing levels of comfort zones and I just do NOT go to group events like this… like, ever.  Mingling… a word that sends shivers down my spine is one of the main reasons…that and anything ‘groupy’… help!
The event was a juicing event, a collaboration of Currys with Phillips in Leeds via an email invitation out of the blue.  For the sake of the blog, plus already being a daily juicer, I said ‘yes’ and dared to step outside the zone I call comfort.
Lambert's YardLambertsYard InstagramYoga ReadyLightingWaiting
The event took place at Lambert’s Yard, a gorgeous design-led creative event space.  Arriving for the start, the announcement then came, “we will be starting in half an hour”.  Half an hour on MINGLE TIME?? Oh kill me now!  Bloggers all around were mingling, chatting and taking photos with oh-so-many-cameras while I do my best nonchalant phone-checking.
We are separated into groups and rotate at half hour intervals between various stations.  Already well into juicing, there was nothing at the juicing stations that was new to me  but I was glad for lunch!  The two highlights therefore were a practical talk by an excellent nutritionist Shakela Shan (find out more about Shakela here) and finally a session of rocket yoga with Amanda from Yoga Elementz.  Having practised yoga at home for eight years this was my first session in public so to be told I’d been doing it right all this time was a bonus.  The thing with bloggers at these events is they just can’t stop taking photos – quite funny.
Juicy Ingredients 1Juicy Ingredients 4

Juice served from a bar... just wrong!

Juicy Ingredients 2

Sass says it's good

Sass says it’s good and writes a fab blog

Nutrition Guru Shaklea Shan Sunflower Seeds, Goji's and Chocolate Juicy Ingredients 5

Yoga Annnd relax! Namaste

Having being 99% going to bolt for the door after the first ten minutes, three hours later I left and walked through the streets of Leeds back to my car.
Was it worth it??
Well I think it’s all about the stretch (no pun intended!).  Once we do a thing once, if we make it through, the next time it may be just a little less scary – I made a few new friends and now know what goes on at a blogger event.  Would I go to another blogger event in the future… well…I might just!
So, this week, I dare you to say ‘yes’ to a normally automatic ‘no’ for you and see what happens!
Want more about the juicing?  Here’s one I wrote earlier and  here’s what Currys had to say about the event.

Take me Shopping?

“Can you take me shopping”… words I always like to hear because, although I don’t really get excited over the thought of going shopping, I’ve realised I’m just genuinely good at it… isn’t that funny…!  Some hate it and I admit, if it’s crowded I can’t abide it, but little and often seems to be a good way to go!

It is lovely helping people spend their hard-earned pennies and then seeing them so happy in their new attire – ah joy!  My muse for this weeks’ post agreed to me snapping away as it was  too good a photographic opportunity not to make the most of, so off we went!

We only had a small window of two and a half hours (I like short and sweet shopping) and on the day we went it rained so hard….all day (did I say it rained?!!) so went to a nearby newly-opened shopping mall, The Trinity Centre in Leeds.

Cross-body bags are a must for shopping and Nicola’s cute heeled-brogues made it a great outfit!

Coffee is always a good idea!

Although not looking for undergarments (at all), we spent a lot of time in Victoria’s Secret where, amongst other things, this shirt below was purchased.  It has a fabulous Moroccan-type print, is slim-fitting and perfect over jeans or if you dare, with a longer slip underneath and just with sandals.

Never be afraid to use an item made for one thing to serve the purpose of another!

Ahoy there! Anything Nautical is just catching my eye at the moment.

The below garment placed on the back of the fitting-room door was just so ‘ah are you kidding’ subtle…not.  But the one thing I kept saying during our shop was “just try it on” .  Nicola was so open to trying new things which made it a dream and the result, she now has so many new pieces she would never have dreamed of trying had she been shopping alone.

This T-shirt was just hanging on the back of the door with these words inside...

This T-shirt was just hanging on the back of the door with these words inside…

Had to feature some of the pieces at Ted Baker here because although very loud and bold which isn’t for everyone, it amazes me the prints, colours and fabrics the industry is now able to use… I cannot help but be amazed!

Stunning Sequin Jacket

Statement Shorts… now I wouldn’t, but would you?

Power Shoes!

The Waiting Game – Cameran and I … #selfie!

Someone else waiting!



Job well done… clearly not a secret!

After all that…. Ahhh!

Our Antipasti… there would perhaps be more food shots but always forget to take pics of food because I dive in too soon!… half way through “oops!



Instagram post from the day. Do love creating little media ensembles and finding different Apps. Typic has long since been a favourite but last week they upgraded it making it even more super-fantastic!

Instagram post from the day.  I do love creating little media ensembles and finding different Apps. Typic has long since been a favourite but last week they upgraded it making it even more super-fantastic!


You can check out Typic here and if you fancy going on a shopping trip with me, The Butler, do get in contact or have a peek at my website to find out more here.  Meanwhile do leave your thoughts below, it’s great when you guys connect and say ‘hi!’.



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