Life with LemonsLife will give you lemons.

This year doesn’t stop being ‘my year’ when adversity hits.
It can be easy to assess a month or year based on how much crap we did or didn’t get.
But hardship will come.
It is a part of life.
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Christmas is…

Christmas is a funny time of year.  It is a magical time for sure, but it’s a bit of an oddball too.  I LOVE the romantic idealism that surrounds the season; the snow, the festive windows, the movies where everything is ‘just so’… (Actually I’m that person a lot of the time).
Yet reality is different.

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Doing the ‘To-Do’; hitting it out-the-park for yourself.

As I said to a friend earlier this week, “To-Do lists never go away”!
As working Moms into the first week of school after 2 months break, we were looking at a project and the bottom-line was ‘it’s on the To-Do list’.

It got me to thinking, there is ALWAYS a ‘To-Do’ list.  Some things need doing yesterday, others are fairly important, and others ‘would-be-nice’s’.  But to a large extent, the list is always there, no matter how much of the ‘do’ ing we do!

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June, I’ll see YOU next year!

Last week, as July entered with stealth, I made time to regroup.  June was tough.

Sometimes it’s not until you look back up the calendar that you realised how much has happened since the beginning of any given month and then the “woah what a month” dawns.  June was that for me.


June 26

Not a dweller of the negative’s in life, the photo’s on my Instagram feed tell a different story…

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The way we see the world, is exactly that…

It’s just our way of seeing it.

No two humans on the planet view life the same way let alone process it the same.

Live an open-minded life that frees both you and others from the expectation of needing to be on the same wavelength all the time… Sometimes, we just won’t be!


One Directional Copper Obsession with Gold Tattoo’s

Happy to be sharing another fav’s post this week (‘scuse  the title…what else should I have called it?)!  One of the reasons I decided to make this blog a LIFESTYLE blog is because it’s great to be able to share all aspects of life, not just one area!
Copper Bowl 4The other week we took off to the Lakes and back to one of our favourite ‘hang out’ places ‘Chesters’ (have previously written a post about them here).  Their homewares are so well-chosen, I always find purchases there and couldn’t resist adding some more copper to my world. This bowl was a steal at £22 and though I think it’s intended for candles, it actually is housing my receipts – don’t laugh, it looks fab so that’s the main thing!
Copper Bowl 1 Copper Bowl 2
UPDATE:  Since writing the above line a day ago I decided to put a candle in…!  As you can see, intended purpose clearly trumps receipt holder!
Copper Bowl 2Copper Bowl 4
2.  Whilst at the till… (don’t you love cleverly placed point-of-sale impulsive buys?!) I spied these gold tattoos.  Have seen a few on Instagram here and there and with the summer months coming up… (please let’s see some decent sun this year), thought I’d experiment.
Foil Tattoos 3Foil Tattoos 5Foil Tattoos 1Foil Tattoos 2
Each little packet has designs front and reverse, were just £1.75 any I know a little lady round here has her eye on the majority or the designs but I’m not gonna lie to you… I didn’t buy them for her!  Bit of fun and think they’ll be great a la evenings out in the summer… (sigh).
Foil Tattoos 4
3.  Finally an album I just can’t stop playing, One Direction, Four.
I know!  Me, One D!
One Direction Four
Though it is not a new album, it’s the first of theirs we’ve bought.  It’s a great album to have on in the morning getting ready for the day,  the little lady loves it and it just creates a all-round happy vibe.  Other mornings it’s anything from Aerosmith, Coldplay and Emeli Sandé to Beyonce and Einaudi, but the past month, One D are IT!  Anyone feeling me?!
This weekend I’m at the Decorative Home and Salvage Show so look forward to sharing my findings with you next week!
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