This December I’m Loving…

December’s a perfect time to share an ‘I’m Loving’ post.  If you’re needing a little inspiration on the gift front, maybe this will help…

1.  First up is a new necklace by Under the Rose.

Under the Rose make bespoke jewellery for men and women (you can find them on Not-on-the-High-Street) and I just love this new silver quote pendant.  I wear a necklace most days and like having something unique.

fullsizerender-201 fullsizerender-194

It arrived beautifully and thoughtfully packaged and the quality was just what I’d hoped… (sometimes you’re not sure if it’s going to be as well made as it could be…?).


Things I like include the shape; it’s not quite a perfectly round circle.

The fastening (apologies, I didn’t take a photo of it) is a T bar slotted through a hoop, meaning there’s never a clasp travelling round your neck and ending up next to the pendant; it  always stays at the back of the neck!

Finally the text.  I think part of my taking so long to decide on what to have engraved was that those words were going to be set in silver loud and proud for all to see.  The writing is discreet and delicate, so will only be read by those who look long enough…

You can visit the Under the Rose website here.

2.  Second up is a quality Scandi print company, Desenio.

Desenio came recommended by Insta friends – (I love Instagram!).  After filling my online basket, I purchased up for the home and am now awaiting another delivery of Christmas presents as a few of the boys in the family have chosen prints for their bedrooms (as has Miss P… shhh!).

There are SO many different types of prints to choose from, I got all my frames from them too, and the great thing is the prints don’t cost the earth so if you want a change a few months down the line, you’ve not wasted a fortune.  With them being so reasonably priced, I wondered if they’d be cheap-looking?  Not so.  The paper is beautifully thick and the quality details in the prints, I couldn’t fault them!


3.  Finally, the Star Purse.


Velvet’s quite the fabric at present and though I don’t do trends, when I saw these in the Lake District a few months back, picked up three unable to choose between colours. (There were about 5 other colours also available).

fullsizerender-249It’s possibly intended to be a make-up bag, and though I didn’t like the beaded attachment on the zip or label on the side, instantly thought they’d also make a great festive clutch if removed.

fullsizerender-248Having gifted the others this Christmas, I’ve kept the red, chopped off the label on the side and replaced the bead fastening on the zip with a tassle et voila.  The bags are around £15 by Lua are still available online if you google.

Ps, the quote on my necklace is a favourite of mine, it reads “At the end of the day it all comes down to love or fear.  Choose love and don’t ever let fear turn you away from your playful heart”

Have a very Happy Christmas ~ Olivia





Feversham Arms Hotel Helmsley

The Feversham Arms Hotel has long been on my ‘must visit’ list.  Anywhere that has an outdoor pool, in Yorkshire, has me intrigued!

Feversham Arms 16Though I’m sure this is THE place in Summer (outdoor dining and poolside drinks), it was  on a slightly fresher, but beautiful Autumn day when we went for a self-invited visit.Feversham Arms 3Feversham Arms 14

Quite tucked away off the main through-road, the hotel will appeal to those wanting a country retreat in unspoiled setting.  Helmsley is quaint, charming and naturally, restful.   Feversham Arms 7

Feversham Arms 15

Thirty-three bedrooms and the Verbena Spa make it a great place to retreat for those looking to go away without anything too taxing on the agenda.  Day packages at the spa will also appeal to ladies seeking a luxury hang-out.  

Six individual treatment rooms and one double, with plenty of softly-lit space for relaxing on comfy sofas is going to appeal in the colder months.  The outdoor space… speaks for itself!

We ate in the Weathervane restaurant.  Though the food was excellent, there was not enough on the plate for either of us and a tad pricey at that, so a meal wouldn’t be a reason we’d return.   That said, the outdoor space is such a delight that I can absolutely see us returning in the Summer months for a glass of wine and perhaps a few nibbles on the terrace…

You can visit The Feversham Arms Hotel Website here.


Victoria Gate Leeds; an Invitation to ANTHROPOLOGIE

After months of anticipation, yesterday Leeds finally saw the opening of Victoria Gate, a brand new development in the heart of the city.Victoria Gate Leeds 4

The long-awaited shopping centre by Hammerson (I thought the two squares at the front of the signage looked like an ‘H’) and adds formidable strength to the presence of its existing development in the city, the Victoria Quarter.

Together,  Victoria Quarter and Victoria Gate, are now known as Victoria Leeds (can I get a David!).  Anthropologie invited me along to their evening opening party.

Quite simply (because I’m turning this around unplanned in a day!), here’s the pics.
Victoria Gate Leeds 1penultimatefullsizerender-9Anthropologie Leeds 5

Anthropologie as ever, is a sheer delight and all the more in celebration of the festive season ahead.  Gold trimmings everywhere, lustre and sequins – the store is decadent creativity at its best.

Anthropologie gold partywareAnthropologie Leeds 9 Anthropologie Leeds 6 Anthropologie gold monogram mugs Anthropologie Leeds 10

Anthropologie Leeds 7 Anthropologie GlasswareAnthropologie Hooray Clutch

Pre-Christmas is the perfect time for the launch a centre where shoppers will naturally flock in the pursuit of gifts.  By the time we left Anthropologie, the other shops were closing so didn’t get to explore the delights of John Lewis,  & Other Stories and COS but I have a feeling we’ll be back!

For all the details of what’s on offer, visit the Victoria Leeds Website.

Victoria Gate Leeds 2





Quarmby’s Deli & Coffee House

Coffee, it’s a biggie for me.  I will go out of my way for a good coffee, engineer meetings to take place in favourite coffee houses (‘hello Toast House‘) and will travel substantial miles when away from home in order to ensure that my daily cup is going to tick the satisfaction box for me.  It’s not rocket science but it’s surprising how many places serve up average.

Quarmby's 21

Quarmby’s Deli and Coffee House serves a GOOD coffee.  According to Will (Mr Quarmby), that was the starting point; if they could get the quality of their coffee right, everything else would follow… and it has.

Quarmby's 1Quarmby's 7Quarmby's 6 Quarmby's 10

Quarmby’s, Sherrif Hutton (on the outskirts of York),  is in a perfect ‘corner shop’ location attracting a real mix of locals and passers-by.  During our time there, cyclists, business folk and ladies-who-lunch all stopped to reside in the feel-good setting that husband and wife team, Emma and Will, have created.

Quarmby's 8Quarmby's 3

Being able to cater for the increasingly varied diets and demands of consumers these days must be quite a challenge for eateries.  Quarmby’s clearly has a bent towards healthier eating and I would bet that few people would be able to visit and not be thoroughly satisfied.  Our meal was first class; quality ingredients and food combinations made every mouthful something to linger over.  Though neither of us ‘do’ desserts, both did quite simply because up on the specials board they looked too good to miss… and they were!   I savoured the marmalade and chocolate pannetone pudding all the way home.

Quarmby's 18Quarmby's 16 Quarmby's 15Quarmby's 5

Finest local Yorkshire produce is available for purchase for those wishing to extend their experience further.  There’s a real sense that this is a deli for the people, by the people and should we be in this neck of the woods again, we will definitely return.    Find out more about Quarmby’s hereQuarmby's 19Quarmby's 9


Happy New September!

September seems to be more of a fresh start than New Year.  Once again, as the Summer holidays came to an end, the urge to be ‘on it’, descended.  At present, I’m craving all things interior; just CAN NOT get enough.  At home no shelf or cupboard is safe from scrutiny as we de-clutter, and from my various social media ‘inbox’s’ it seems to be a common itch as people make way for the new season ahead.  I LOVE changing things up don’t you?  Here’s what’s got my attention this month.

1. Dark Interiors.  Guaranteed, they are having a moment and though not one for trends, I’m all in!  Whites appear whiter, colours more vibrant and metallics simply come alive against a decadently dark backdrop.  Whether it was Pinterest that sparked it for me a year ago when I painted my first dark feature wall at home, or the gallery wall completed a few months ago (see it here) that tipped the balance I’m not sure.  Either way, it’s a process I’m enjoying more and more.

With the onset of the cosier months there’s no better time to indulge if you’re fancying a change!  Inspiration is everywhere; there are some amazing pictures in my feed daily from Instagram’ers like @kerrylockwood_, @artynads and @_lisa_dawson_ (to name a few!).  If you want to dabble but are slightly hesitant, start with just one wall.

2.  This nicely leads to an upfront confession that I’ve only just discovered Rockett St George.  (If you just said ‘who’ to yourself, I feel better.  If you tutted, I don’t want to know). Rockett St George 1As part of the home overhaul, looking for furniture one night , I googled ‘industrial homewares’ and up it popped… time left me and a good hour or so later I’d scrolled through the entire website.  Days later I ordered this gorgeous sheepskin rug to keep my assets warm in Winter and have my eye on a few other pieces.

Rockett St George 2 Rockett St George 3

For a while I’ve felt there’s a gap in the interior decor market.  Everything has become so ‘samey’.  Needless to say, this ‘extraordinary interiors’ has put a smile on my face and wouldn’t you know, just like the car you think of buying, am now seeing RSG everywhere!

3.  Finally, and I’m probably late to the party again, but after seeing GANDYS flip-flops at The Eden Project during the holidays, came home and googled.  I have to say that from there on, it was these towel images ⇓ that drew me in (I’m a sucker for great marketing).GANDYS 3

Great pictures and the round towels?!  So unusual and I have been sorely tempted.  For me it’s’ not about the flip-flops I ordered… they’re pretty regular flip-flops like any other brand (though I have worn them constantly!)  But have to say after reading their story was compelled to put my money here and not with a regular high street name.


In ‘very’ short, two brothers Rob & Paul, were orphaned over night after their parents died in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami (it feels wrong to skip over so quickly for the sake of ‘keeping it short’, can you even begin to imagine…).  These orphans now have created GANDYS to raise funds for other orphans, hence their tagline, ‘ORPHANS FOR ORPHANS’.  Take a look at their website (here), they have some great looking products and naturally, it’s a great cause!

Gander 1

towel images with kind permission from Gandys

Ps, black flip flops are great for wearing beyond Summer with black jeans without looking too Summery!

Till next time ~



Roses to linger over

Had I not lingered, the charcoal paper the flowers were wrapped in would have been thrown in the trash.

There would have been no realisation it would make the perfect contrast to the softest blush petals.

Had I not lingered, the flowers would have gone straight into the vase and the capture that inspiration took, left dormant.

When we linger we make space for appreciation and creativity.  Life is progression between many ‘normal’ moments, but lingering gives opportunity for the fullness of life to become.
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