Light Night Leeds

A couple of weeks ago went to the Light Night in Leeds, an annual ​multi-arts and light festival.  Prior to going we checked it out online, there was going to be so much going on in so many different locations across the city, (’60 free arts events in 10 zones’), we were bound to miss out on something no matter what we did!  We decided to head to the Trinity Centre and take it as it came.

Light Night Leeds 2015 1

The view from our table – the sky kicking the evening off with an impromptu display of its’ own.

Arriving in to Leeds for just after 5pm, we ate , shopped and took in the atmosphere for a good three hours and left just after 8pm though events went on till 11pm.
Light Night Leeds 2015 2

Reflections: The Trinity glass roof before the lights began

The Trinity light show you could be forgiven for mistaking as part of the building set up.  Lights at every intersection across the roof produced sequential lighting effects which were fabulous though a cluster of bean bags on the floor weren’t anything to write home about… perhaps more happened after we’d left; either way I hope the light stay!

Light Night Leeds 2015 4Light Night Leeds 2015 8 Light Night Leeds 2015 7 Light Night Leeds 2015 9 Light Night Leeds 2015 10

Out onto Briggate there was a choir, street market, brass band, and a huge owl that began a procession that walked through the streets followed by people of all ages with what looked like home-made lanterns.  Every time we came out of a shop there seemed to be something different about to start.  Walking back to the train station we passed a crowd at centenary square watching an impressive, building-wide projection into the front of The Queens Hotel.
Light Night Leeds 2015 11
Looking at social media following the event, there was clearly a lot more taking place than we’d seen, but a little person tired from a week at school, needed their bed – maybe next year we’ll stay up longer!
As this is an annual event, I’d ear mark it almost in preference to the Christmas Light Switch-on which will be happening in a few weeks and will no doubt be rammed and a much more crowded affair.  It was a perfect pre-Christmas little evening out and well worth a consideration for the future.
Light Night Leeds 2015 12

The Northern Lights

We nearly came home straight from school, we nearly didn’t take the drive and we nearly didn’t stay for supper.  Are you ever just so glad you do all the things you nearly didn’t?

Looking through the photos I’d taken once we returned from being out last night, I realised they were all about the beautiful lights we had been surrounded by.  Fading sunlight, strategic restaurant lighting and then the magical sparkle of many fairy lights in the shops.

It was only last week I said how the lights that come out for Christmas should be up all year round… this confirms it – lighting is EVERYTHING!  My camera (affectionately known as Cameron in the Beau household) comes with us most places and these were simply taken at the time and with no specific outcome in mind… perhaps it’s the best way?

IMG_1548 IMG_1535 IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1539 IMG_1541 IMG_1542 IMG_1540 IMG_1545IMG_1549IMG_1547Chandelier at LuciasIMG_1544 IMG_1546

This time of year is SO beautiful and I am of the firm belief we should have more lighting in our towns and streets if we can figure out a way not to drain the world of it’s fuel supplies – what do you think?


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