Christmas is…

Christmas is a funny time of year.  It is a magical time for sure, but it’s a bit of an oddball too.  I LOVE the romantic idealism that surrounds the season; the snow, the festive windows, the movies where everything is ‘just so’… (Actually I’m that person a lot of the time).
Yet reality is different.

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“Honey, this is what it is to age”


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Friday I’m in LOVE!

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Using our LIKE’s to find our LOVE’s

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Creating an Endless Reflection ~ Inspiration from Gary Friedman

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The one where we talk Beauty ~ Top 7 Products!

How many of us would rather spend our hard-earned pennies on recommendations from those we trust than relying on what the magazines sell us?  Yep me too!  Well, whilst ever Our Style of LOVE is usually geared towards self-improvement and growing a great life, I thought this week it would be good to shake things up.  So, total girl indulgence here (male readers please forgive),  but this week I’m sharing my top 7 beauty ‘can’t live withouts’!

1. Teeth whitening kits from (  These kits absolutely work and are ridiculously good value for money! Had mine years and every now and then just buy more gel when I want to re-whiten.  (This company is based in the UK but does ship internationally!)

RE9 Advanced2.  Arbonne.  Everything I have tried from Arbonne delivers!  I use everything from the ‘out of the park’ Primer to the amazing RE9 Advanced Skin Care.  The best part, aside from the results is that all products are 100% botanical, free from parabens and other harmfuls.  Arbonne skin care is ultra-premium i.e it is luxury!  Skin looks radiant, less wrinkled, even-toned and pores are reduced! Even the spots which would appear on my back throughout my life (no matter what I tried) have gone!  You can find out more here.  If you decide Arbonne’s for you and want to try their products my referral ID number is 441073013.

3. Olive oil.  For both hair and skin this is amazing!  So many brands are putting it into their products these days… just buy a bottle and use it neat! Not so sexy on date night perhaps but the smell and ‘oiliness’ isn’t what you’d think, so get yourself some gorgeous skin natures way!  Soak hair in it once a month, wrap in cling film (more allure!) then wash hair as normal.  Talk about shine!

LilyLolo4. Lily Lolo Minerals Makeup!  (  I discovered Lily Lolo about 5 years ago and have used them ever since! Their products are amazing value but deliver the BEST results! They let you buy tiny sample pots so you don’t waste your money…. I am such a brand evangelist for these guys because they deliver a great product that works and costs next to nothing!! Who wouldn’t love them!

5. Body brush every day before a shower! Simple, cheap; yes it’s a discipline but you can tell skin that hasn’t been buffed and skin that has…. it just glows!

John Freida6. John Freida Foam Colour. You cannot go wrong with these to lighten or darken hair.  Going lighter; use Foam Colour to colour your overall base then just visit hairdresser for highlights every 9 weeks. I have also gone from very light blonde to dark brown (and now back again!) with these kits and it worked a treat too.  No patchiness… I don’t know how they are so fool-proof but they are!  Find out what colour suits you best here.

7. Sally Hansen nail varnish, base and top cots!  Started using Sally Hansen products 20 years ago to help nails grow and have used ever since.  Apply one coat underneath whatever colour you want to wear.  Then three to four days later when nails start to look tired, cover the chips in your polish with colour then apply a coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine.  This gives nails a ‘just painted’ look and puts your manicure on for another 3 days easy; brilliant!  You can buy from most cosmetic aisles.

So these are my fail-safe ‘used it for years’ products, what are yours?


The Deep Fulfilment of ‘Just Because’

Picture taken from

Picture taken from

Most of the activities in our everyday lives are fulfilling some kind of purpose.

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