“Honey, this is what it is to age”


Meet Frances. Frances is 54 and like many of us, has hangups about exposing her body now the days are getting warmer. Read More


5 things to do when you’re not sure what you want to do!

Picture 'liked' on Pinterest

Picture ‘liked’ on Pinterest

Upon leaving school I didn’t know what I wanted to do … who really does at 16?!

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Consistency, the Secret of Sustained Success.

Most of us are consistent about habits in our lives, like brushing our teeth or getting dressed on a morning (I hope!!) … but when we desire to see results of change in our world oftentimes we fall short because we simply failed to stick with it. What if the difference between where you are and where you want to be is largely down to one thing that you have complete control over …being CONSISTENT?

I would go as far to say that the difference in your life this year could be down to how CONSISTENT you can be.

It sounds simple, but how consistent are we with our exercise, diet, things we’ve said ‘yes’ to at work, making time for personal growth – all those things we’re told we should be doing? Our aspirations cannot be fulfilled unless we are deliberate in disciplining ourselves till those aspirations become habit. That means even when there’s no one there to motivate or inspire.

Discipline is that inner ‘do it’ when we could choose ‘not to’, yet we choose ‘to’ because of a predetermined lifestyle choice. Every time we choose ‘to’ we are forming a habit. Eventually, these things become part of who we are and what we do.

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Be consistently consistent!
How can we become more consistent?

  1. Set realistic targets, write them down, then stick to them. Just do it! Conquer that inner ‘opt-out’ clause.
  2. Settle in for the long haul! In a ‘drive-thru’ culture, we expect results now or in 14 days tops! Results take time! That new skin care routine, exercise plan, relationships … ALL … TAKE … TIME!! When we change our disposition to expect the results of our effort to be seen ‘in time’ and gradually, then we are more likely to be consistent in our efforts knowing we need to keep on going for longer! This is not the 100m sprint – it’s a marathon!
  3. Set your sights on the compound effect!  Finally, it’s worth reminding ourselves that the more we stick with the programme, the more engrained in us that behaviour becomes and as a result, one day becomes a week, becomes a month, becomes a year, becomes ten years. Ask yourself “what will the overall effect be on my life in a years time if I keep up with this?”; “what will it be if I don’t… if I stop/start or if I dabble?”. It is known that many patients fail to finish prescribed medication and so lapse all because they gave up too soon! Stay the course – your life will thank you for it!

Would love to know what tips you have for staying consistent… how do you stick with it?

Shhh… I am Strength

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Have you ever watched somebody face something and thought to yourself “Wow, they’re strong!”?

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