Visit the Natural History Museum, London

Dinosaur in the Hintze Hall

Earlier this year we visited the Natural History Museum London.  Aside from the incredible specimens of history it holds within its doors (over 80 million items!), the building itself is a phenomenal structure and it’s that I want to share with you this week.

Outside the Natural History NHM Reflections Muffins too good to resist Natural History Museum 1The Earth Hall Earth Hall: Up into Space!

We wandered for a couple of hours in and out of zones and rooms, the kids bypassing anything which did not interest them.  To be honest, dead things in glass cases doesn’t particularly excite me either yet I LOVED the experience because I was simply in awe of what an incredibly beautiful building it is.  The angles, masonry craft and varying uses of stone. It is quite something.

Hummingbird Display

Overlooking Hintze Hall

Oh the structure!Carved Rams HeadsBeauty and the BeastTreasures Cadogan Gallery

As we ascended to the upper levels, the conversational sounds of people below us, rose as almost whispers.  It was quite ‘cathedral like’, almost spiritual and there was a feeling of being removed from the bustling hubbub of the museum.

Above the dinosaur Inside the Natural History Joel looks on


If you are in London this Summer a visit is highly recommend.  Entry is free, it’s something to do with the children and if, at all, you enjoy buildings and structure… you’re going to like it for reasons other than the ancient life it holds within.




The best time to visit London? (don’t tell anyone but it’s Easter Monday!)

Iconic Red Phone Boxes

Easter Bank Holiday we went and stayed in London, the last place you should go on Bank Holiday some may have said; ‘won’t it be heaving with people…?!’

The answer was no.

It was blissfully perfect for adults and kids allowing us to enjoy the city we saw rather than get lost in the sheer volume of normal city-goers and commuters.  We could wander – let the kids go on ahead and was altogether the most peasant experience!

Though we never set out looking for a break on a budget, a family stay in London can certainly be done very reasonably.  Travelling by train we got a family rail-card meaning transport for five, return, was £120.

Then it’s ‘where to stay’.  If you go the hotel option you have to pay a good buck to get anything of any decent size and standard; so then it’s a question do you go two rooms or one family…but then if you’re in with the kids that kills your evening whilst you maintain total quiet (anyone else know what I’m talking about?!).  Solution: I found us an apartment which was absolutely perfect!  That came in at about £290 but it was a great size with tonnes of living room, kitchen, ensuites etc; it was a 2 minute walk from the tube and it was a great home from home.  Check out Marlin Apartments if you’re looking for somewhere to stay – highly recommend them and they have various apartments right across the city.

Lastly, we used our trusty Tesco Clubcard Vouchers for a meal or two… I know… it’s hilarious – but at many restaurant they quadruple in value meaning when we went to Pizza Express we only paid for drinks!

So, that’s London Baby… We know where we’ll be next Easter!

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