The DEEP calls to Deep

Recently we took a family trip to The Deep, Hull, East Yorkshire.  As the only submarium in the world, it is home to rare species and thousands of water creatures!  Regardless of the reason for going – it WILL call to something in you.

People of all ages marvelled at the world we know so little of.  There was an overwhelming sense of how huge the underwater world is and how important it is we do our part to look after it.  The DEEP is interactive – not just the man-made/deliberate points of contact but the sea creatures themselves interacted… they show-boated!  The sting-rae’s and sawfish in particular seemed to deliberately come close where they swam by the huge glass-fronted area in their aquarium where strange creatures on two feet were stood.  In the lagoon, one particular fish came right up to the glass and mimicked my 10-year old nephew as he slowly walked up and down the glass opening and closing his mouth…it was no coincidence – this creature was connecting as if to say ‘hi!’.

Well worth a visit and ranked 10/10 by the small people in our party.

Tip for visiting –

Definitely pre-book online; save yourself 10%, skip the queues  & your ticket gives you a 12 month pass too!


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Why ‘Indies’ like Nora’s Inspire!

When the idea of Our Style of LOVE was all coming together, one of the people who came to mind as someone who was expressing her ‘Style of LOVE’ to the world was Victoria.  Victoria has a little shop in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, called Nora’s.

Image 1

Nora’s is one of those amazing shops where you walk in and love it…. you ‘get a feeling’ that makes you want to return.  What is that and why does it happen in so few places?
I believe that it occurs when a person who is the creator of the experience has been deliberate in staying true to them self and their core passions… their essence.  In turn, when we experience it and ‘get it’ it calls to something in us if that is also ‘our style’!
Image 3
I recently caught up with Victoria three years on after Nora’s first opened, to ask her about the process of stepping out on her own.

Victoria had always wanted her own shop but unsure of how or when upon leaving school, she began writing to estate agents for a job.  In her own words “I was just nosey, I loved interiors and what better way to be in the vicinity of my dream than this”.     She landed a job and towards the end of seven years she ended up working in show homes. It was this that helped align that inner calling of hers to do something with interiors even more.

Image 2

Leaving behind a secure job with well-paid salary/company car at age 25 she made the decision to open her own shop.   Despite being in the midst of the recession, she says “I never once thought it wouldn’t work”. The result is a completely unique little boutique brimming with hand-picked treasures.

“Three years in I still love getting up every single morning to go to work… it isn’t work it’s my hobby, my passion, I live it daily and I love it!”

Image 4


The hardest thing as someone who loves what they do so much is to ‘put the job down’; “I never switch off… but I like that because when its your passion there’s nothing you feel you need to switch off from! Others however do need me to, so that’s something I have to be careful with… that work/life balance.”

Maybe the key to the success thus far of Nora’s is Victoria’s expression of who she is through what she chooses to buy for her customers….. “I’m not sure what style it is….you could say it was a bit quirky, a bit different …if I like it I buy it, I wouldn’t sell anything I wouldn’t have for myself”
Image 5

I for one like that… it’s her Style of LOVE and its beautiful. The world is a better place for it!

 Enter the delightful world of Nora’s at:

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