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This International Women’s Day will undoubtedly attract more headline attention than ever before in the light of recent events.  Feminism debates & women’s rights are very much in the spotlight; to say we are living in interesting times is an understatement.  The world is changing rapidly and those of us who don’t actively seek to be frontline rallies of positive change can often feel there’s little we can do to really make a difference. Read More


2017 Reading List Pt 1: Personal Growth Optional

The power of applied wisdom gained through what we read and listen to, is potentially phenomenal.

Recently I referred to my latest reading in an Instagram post which resulted in quite a few people getting in touch to enquire further.  As a result, despite it feeling quite personal, I have decided to share the first four books I’ve been reading this year.

Good tea and a good book

Reading with the purpose of growing is an individual choice to UPDATE our ‘default settings’.  As with our personal phones, if we choose not to UPDATE, our ‘device’ can only ever continue to operate at the level of the original factory settings. It will still be the same amazing device, but we just can’t do anything new with it.

‘Human-being updates’ aren’t anything we are offered externally, so unless we deliberately seek out improvements, change is not going to happen.

With that said, here’s Januarys’ reading list.



The Untethered Soul, Michael A Singer.

First read five years ago and then again at the start of 2017.  This book has been a game changer both times I’ve read it.  Highlights everywhere.  May just re-read in February!







The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav.  

Appeared in the ‘you might like this’ at the end of Untethered Soul and will require reading numerous times, simply to take it all onboard.  Talks about aligning the personality, with the soul and learning to tune-in to the other senses we have that are beyond our five physical senses.  Need to be in the right head space for this book in order to be able to think and process as you read.





A Year of Yes


A Year of Yes, Shonda Rimes.

A little bit OTT for me but a fast-paced easy read.  Finished in just over a day.  Didn’t require much ‘leaning-in’ which was a good change after the above two books.  Not many highlights but an insightful read from the woman who is responsible for writing thousands of TV hours. (Writes the script for Greys Anatomy which is my guilty pleasure as and when I want to watch something).

You might enjoy if you want a gentle challenge.



What I know for sure


What I know for Sure, Oprah Winfrey.

Soulful book written in one-to-two page bite-sized chapters.  Another easy read but more relaxed pace than ‘A year of YES’.  Enjoyed identifying with Oprahs’ delight in the simple pleasures of everyday life.  Some little take-away pearls of wisdom from a remarkable woman.







Bit of a different post this week, but given my passion for synergy in daily life, had to share as certainly the first two books, have shaped my January so much.

It’s worth remembering that our understanding of a book is such based on our lifes ‘ narrative at the time.  A book is never understood by two people the same according to our inner processing when the words leave the page and enter our being.  Hope you enjoy!


Turbulence, the Universal Indicator of Decluttering

Storm over Filey Bay

You know those times in life where you appear to be a lightning rod for change…? Everything just seems to fall away from your world or alternatively ‘goes wrong’?  Be it circumstances or relationships, it’s like busses that come in three’s. Read More



Happy New Year!

No resolutions here.   Read More

Sitting Uncomfortably? Good

Have you ever gone along with something you felt uncomfortable about which then turned out to be a great experience?
It took a trip to the other side of the world to realise I’ve been living small and didn’t even know it.

Read More




The way we see the world, is exactly that…

It’s just our way of seeing it.

No two humans on the planet view life the same way let alone process it the same.

Live an open-minded life that frees both you and others from the expectation of needing to be on the same wavelength all the time… Sometimes, we just won’t be!


The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

Have you ever been in the presence of complete silence?

Not ‘quiet’.

But complete and absolute SILENCE.

It has its own sound and I’ve found it messes with you a bit.

Last week out walking with a friend, miles from anywhere, we became aware that our voices were the only sounds.  In that moment we stopped and listened… Read More

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