Polar Opposite Lovers: We are Both

Me responding to one of those calls
Please don’t define yourself based on the options they give you.

“What is your signature look/scent,  what is your personality type?”.

They give you the options, you pick your answers, et voila – you are ‘this person’!

We are silently coerced into defining ourselves whether we are aware of it or not.

It begins in pre-school. Read More




From time to time we are reminded to make the most of NOW, to enjoy every day, to ‘live in the moment’… sayings that have become so cliché they lose their emphasis. Read More


The ‘ideas for Christmas’ post, didn’t happen, nor did we I manage an ‘end of year’ post and now am left wondering where to begin whilst feeling a tad bad that something really ought to have been posted by now.  I LOVE this little blog yet sometimes find it hard to get to the point of writing (Instagram is just… an easier interface yes?!).

Enough procrastination, above all I wanted to thank you guys for your likes, comments and support in 2014 – the phrase ‘just start somewhere’ comes to mind, so here is me doing that.



As I posted to Instagram on the closing day of 2014, if there’s one thing I’d want to encourage,  it’s to rethink some of our mindsets.

Question the question, look at the way you do life and ask yourself ‘WHY’?  We are not all made to fit the same mould so be free to break yours and lose the desire to ‘fit in’.

Make some plans but allow for life to evolve too.  You do not have to kill yourself to achieve your dreams or for good things to come your way… some… things… just… happen!

  Happy New Year – here’s to a great 2015!


Too Busy to be Inspirational?

Inspired People

This quote is one I have recollection of seeing in the not too distant past Read More

A Sticky Post

Every blog I write I ask myself at some point ‘so what’.  What’s the …’annd?’ for my lovely readers.  Last week we went away with extended family and whilst ever it was never my intention prior to going to take pictures of ‘X’ to make a post about ‘Y’ I snapped away at whatever took my eye.

Two of my favourite things together: Trees and Champers!

Two of my favourite things together: Trees and Champers!

I like it that way.

It is unforced, natural and makes post-writing pleasurable (bit like that champagne!)

Looking through the pictures I thought there was good content for a post but who wants to see holiday snaps… really…? It wasn’t like we were holidaying with the Beckhams else the answer would’ve been everyone!

Play was in my mind… but what about it?  The woods are good for you?  Yeah we know that…

We were aware we’d taken lots of toys away with us to prepare for every eventuality and most of them had gone untouched… My thoughts marinated.  As I picked up my daughter from school and opened the car boot I saw two sticks we brought home from the vacation.

And there it was.  Two sticks we had brought home with us.


Sticks were the most used and played-with commodity by three children over a four-day period.  Man has been using sticks since time began yet here in 2014 sticks were IT!

Happy as sand girls!

Happy as sand girls!

Toast au naturel!

Toast au naturel!

Needs a bit of work!

Stick Toast – holey and half toasted!

My kind of beautiful

My kind of beautiful

The kids used sticks to make dens

They hit trees with them

Used knives to whittle the sticks down

To carve their names in

To walk with

To play-fight with

To dig with

To cook with

Their sticks were known to them individually and were called ‘my stick’.

The sticks were left outside restaurants and shops… hidden in bushes so none else ‘pinched’ them whilst they were out of their owners hands.

Sporting activities were experienced, lego, nerf guns, toys, buckets and spades were bought but the constant, throughout our time in the woods, were the toys the woods themselves produced, free of charge.  Sticks!

Sunday at The Country Club

Sunday at The Country Club

Clubless Golf

Clubless Golf

Pancake heaven - yes, I managed another food shot!

Pancake heaven – yes, I managed another food shot!

Hanging up helmets  after a Hack.

Hanging up helmets after a Hack.

Dappled Light

Dappled Light – a sight that never gets old

Colander lights

Colander lights & these three models make for a cute window!

Magical Sunset

Magical Sunset

‘Annnd’? well, in a day and age (oh crikey how old do I sound!) where learning and play on screens is a given, it made me think about how well our kids can adapt back to basic play with nature… maybe they’re better at it than we might allow for… they just need the opportunity.


Incidentally, we stayed at Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest, where we have been on numerous occasions and would thoroughly recommend to anyone!

How To: Decorate an Easter Egg (the post I never thought I’d write!)

Spot the Real Egg

Normally I blog once a week (on a Thursday), and NOT about kids crafts… but the other night in a moment of total ‘lets get crafty’ spontaneity with my daughter, decided to photograph what we were doing and make a little tutorial out of it.  So this (points to above picture), is where we are headed in this little egg-decorating post … I never write these kinds of post.. but got very inspired by the colour and sparkles and thought it may just help a few of you with hours  of activity to fill over the Easter Holidays… so here goes… ready?

Gather your materials… brushes, eggs, paints, palette and decorations.  We didn’t have any of these things so had to buy it all but visited a local, cheap DIY place (Boyes) and got it all for £15 most of which we’ll use again and again. The eggs were 30p for the small and 70p for the large, so if you’re making gifts these work out at a really great price!  (if you get decorations to stick on, like these shown, try look for the ones pre-glued… saves time and mess!)

Squeeze out the paints you want to do the all-over colour in.  We used two coats of acrylic paint… they dried really quick so if you’re doing six eggs – the first will have dried by the time you’ve finished the last and you can then begin painting your second coat.

Start Painting!

Wait for your eggs to be completely dry.  Cheap brushes do tend to leave behind stray hairs (as this green egg shows!) so if you want your eggs ‘perfect’ you may want to use better quality brushes.

Ready for Decorating!


Paint on your decorative spots, stripes – zig-zags – whatever you like and add your decorative sparkly-bits.  My little buddy didn’t like the fact her brush produced odd-shaped spots so we used the end of a pencil to get nice round ones.

And you are finished!  These will make the cutest Easter gifts for friends, Grandparents, neighbours who you want to send a little something to without giving chocolate!  If you give it a go post your pictures to the OUR STYLE of LOVE Facebook Page and share those genius ideas of your own!

There will be a post next week but I imagine many of you will be out and about gadding so HAVE A VERY HAPPY EASTER! Olivia. x

The DEEP calls to Deep

Recently we took a family trip to The Deep, Hull, East Yorkshire.  As the only submarium in the world, it is home to rare species and thousands of water creatures!  Regardless of the reason for going – it WILL call to something in you.

People of all ages marvelled at the world we know so little of.  There was an overwhelming sense of how huge the underwater world is and how important it is we do our part to look after it.  The DEEP is interactive – not just the man-made/deliberate points of contact but the sea creatures themselves interacted… they show-boated!  The sting-rae’s and sawfish in particular seemed to deliberately come close where they swam by the huge glass-fronted area in their aquarium where strange creatures on two feet were stood.  In the lagoon, one particular fish came right up to the glass and mimicked my 10-year old nephew as he slowly walked up and down the glass opening and closing his mouth…it was no coincidence – this creature was connecting as if to say ‘hi!’.

Well worth a visit and ranked 10/10 by the small people in our party.

Tip for visiting –

Definitely pre-book online; save yourself 10%, skip the queues  & your ticket gives you a 12 month pass too!

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