Using our LIKE’s to find our LOVE’s

Have you thought about how many times a day we are given the chance to ‘like’ something. Read More


Creating an Endless Reflection ~ Inspiration from Gary Friedman

YES!  I LOVE IT!!  What makes you say those words?!   Read More

Problems; The Power of Pressing Pause

“Don’t share your problems with anyone who cannot be part of the answer” Read More

This is the Vehicle of Your Life; Driver Required

Our Style of LOVE is about connecting people with passion (read more about that here), but what about the times we don’t know what our passions are…

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5 things to do when you’re not sure what you want to do!

Picture 'liked' on Pinterest

Picture ‘liked’ on Pinterest

Upon leaving school I didn’t know what I wanted to do … who really does at 16?!

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The Deep Fulfilment of ‘Just Because’

Picture taken from

Picture taken from

Most of the activities in our everyday lives are fulfilling some kind of purpose.

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Wellbeing and the compound effect of Invisible Habits

Are you the kind of person who can keep giving yourself to something you can’t see the results of day-to-day?

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