ATTIC Ilkley: more than clothes!

This is a post long overdue.

ATTIC is my favourite local clothing boutique firstly, because of the people  who work there, secondly, because of the clothes (it’s a no-brainer)!

ATTIC is now seven years established.  Owned and run by Sarah Lyles, it is as creative as she is and that’s a lot of creativity!


Coffee is always a good idea!
ATTIC moved location and quadrupled in floor space three years ago, a big leap for any business which, says Sarah, seems like an age since.  As a wife and Momma of two young boys I do not know how she does it, but let me tell you, she doesn’t stop at ‘running a shop’.  Sarah is always at the fore of some campaign or incentive raising awareness for one cause or another and this month, naturally, she’s on with a well-known cycling event?!  We caught up last week for a little tete-a-tete, here’s what she had to say about business life in Yorkshire.
What is the key to ATTIC’s success thus far?  “To be constantly evolving.  To never get complacent or take things for granted.  I’m in it for the greater good… for the good of our community and you can’t do that without collaboration… collaboration is everything.  Getting around like-minded people is key to running a great business”


Sarah is passionate about community and, as ATTIC sits in a Courtyard (Crescent Courtyard to be precise), it is her dream to see it become known for being a shopping destination rather than the individual shops there in i.e, strength in numbers!
ATTIC Ilkley
Another thing Sarah is brilliant at is her social media and the understanding that it’s crucial for ATTIC to be constantly in front of wider audience.  For me ATTIC has the balance of being present without being over-bearing. I know I am not alone when I say I have gone in to the shop purely because of something seen in the weekly newsletter or on a social feed; Sarah was recently featured on Sky News for the success ATTIC has had with this – her strategy is working!

Quick Q&A in 3…2…1…

Favourite SALE item?

This HOSS piece!  HOSS was a new label picked up this year and it’s been a great season!

What’s in store for Autumn?

Colour!  Lots of colourful knits!  We’ve not been afraid to buy colour and we’re really excited about it all arriving… yellow’s, raspberry, melon – just lots of bright and not the usual Autumnal colours we expect.

How do you manage it all?

I have a wonderfully supportive family who believe in what I do and a strong team here in the shop!  Each one of the team brings their unique valued skills that contributes to all we are doing and the success of the business!

Sweetie jars

If you are planning on being in Yorkshire for the Tour De France, be sure to head on down to The Crescent Courtyard – they are hosting a 3-day food festival… check out the website (here).  It will be the first of many Crescent Courtyard events and is set to be a goody!

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