Jamie’s Italian York

When Jamie’s Italian asked me if I’d like to visit their restaurant in York, it didn’t take much time to consider.  Though I have known about Jamie’s in Leeds and more recently, Harrogate, we still had not eaten there…why?  I think it’s a case of ‘go with what you’ know but as you may be able to guess from the recent blog posts, now my little lady is growing up, exploring new places whilst eating out more has been something we’ve enjoyed doing this summer.

Jamie’s, York, is tucked away down the very historic slope to Lendal Cellars… we did not know there was a courtyard there so were delighted to find out we could sit outdoors as the day was hot and we wanted to soak up as much of the sun as we could (we are at the back-end of a poor-weather Summer lets face it!)

James Italian York 2James Italian York 27James Italian York 13

What followed was a dining experience that surpassed all our expectations.

James Italian York 3

James Italian York 9

Cured meats plank – starter

James Italian York 12

Seasonal vegetables plank – starter

Jamie's Italian York 8

Roasted heritage carrot and avocado salad – starter

Jamie's Italian York 28

Maisy looked after us ⇑, she not only knew her food but was quietly enthusiastic about it (seemed only right she should be the face of this post).  The other staff we encountered were warm and friendly and each we spoke to seemed ‘switched on’ to delivering not just a great meal but CUSTOMER SERVICE – it makes such a difference!

The food was delightfully different – (seems such an average term for what we ate) but by that I mean, it wasn’t just same dish, different name.  The food collaborations that were clearly well thought, tasted amazing and what one knows of Jamie Oliver, trusted that it had most likely been sourced locally following the ethos of all that Jamie Oliver stands for…. just guessing!

Jamie's Italian York 29

The special of the day – slow cooked beef

James Italian York 20

Salmon salad

James Italian York 21

In her own words, this was exquisite

James Italian York 22

My superfood salad with chicken – starter size as a mains, more than enough!

James Italian York 23

James Italian York 8

Miss P’s happy chicken lollipops – she LOVED!

Though we had three courses, in the middle of the day, none of us felt ‘stuffed’ – which is always good when you want to try the next course!

James Italian York 15James Italian York 17James Italian York 25 James Italian York 31James Italian York 14James Italian York 16

James Italian York 26

The industrially warm decor was everything you’d expect if you’ve at all watched Jamie Oliver on TV – the presence of the man himself is felt everywhere and fans can take home a piece of the action!

By the time desserts had arrived, the sun had also and we all wished we didn’t have to be elsewhere quite so soon!

James Italian York 28

Raspberry and honeycomb pavlova

James Italian York 29

Miss P’s epic brownie (I had the adult size too so can confirm – it was amazing!)

James Italian York 32

Amalfi lemon meringue cheesecake

As we settled the bill and walked back up into the street, we agreed that a new bench-mark had been set.  That we might just have found ourselves a new favourite… time will tell.

You can visit Jamie’s Italian York website here.

Jamie's Italian York 30



Miss P and I shared this experience with LIFESTYLE YORKSHIRE’S biggest fans, my parents – both great with a camera!  Photographs have therefore been taken on the same camera but by myself, them and Miss P!  I managed to whittle 160+ images down to the few selected here and was interesting seeing what we all captured.



Strawberry Shortcake

“Ooh this time last week”… do you ever say that?  Well we are today because last Sunday we spent a large portion of the day at one of our favourite lifestyle places to hangout, CHESTERS.

Blackboard and Chalk Signage

Chesters is everything you’d want for a relaxed and terribly civilised Sunday.  Nestled by the River Brathay at Skelwith Bridge, everything within its doors is housed behind a beautiful slate facade looking every-bit the part in its woodland surroundings.  Yes, you’d think there’d be a picture of the exterior but it monsooned last Sunday so there was most definitely no way I was going to get that shot!

Cakes, Cakes and more Cakes

Each time we have returned to Chesters from when we first discovered it ten years ago, it has only ever improved; something you would never think it needed because of it being so darn perfect as it was.

Chester the Dog

Complete with outdoor decking you can descend to the river to if you fancy a paddle on a warmer day, else don the wellies and just go for it.  It’s a place you go to gently while away the hours eating, drinking and if you fancy, doing a spot o’ shopping… what’s not to love?

Ok first up, the food…

Food ready to be cooked Orange San Pellegrino Some amazing multi-bean dish Thai Chicken SaladHow do you choose?Victoria SpongePeanut BlondieLemon MerangueBarista at work Cute Tipping Pot

Amazing right?!  The menu is fantastic and extremely good value for money, if visiting you have to play a game I invented here called ‘Cake Roulette’.  Simply buy the same number of cakes as per people in your party (maybe add in a coupe of extras) then take a bite and pass it round!  Means you get to sample more of the INCREDIBLE baking that happens here.

On the other side of the building is an absolutely delightful shop selling everything from books to exquisite pieces for the home, girly things, man stuff.  These pics are only the smallest representation of what’s there but needless to say, post eating it makes for a very happy experience!


If you’re planning a trip to Cumbria any time soon, this place is most definitely worth a visit, you can visit their website here to find out more.  Happy Days! X


The Star Inn The City

Late 2013 The Star Inn The City opened on the bank of The River Ouse in York.  Sourcing most of their produce from Yorkshire, we had to check it out in its first week of opening and were wowed.  Andrew Pern has created a masterpiece.

It has since been a first ‘port of call’ of the day to any outing to York and last week we returned once more on a family birthday for their divine waffles and pancakes with coffee.

You will love the country decor; clever touches here and there that simply make you smile.  It has the feel of home away from holiday home… log-fires, home-cooked food like the kind some clever member of your family cooks on special occasions (if you’re lucky!)  It is light, airy and spacious so you have room to go and be yourself.

We have yet to experience it in summer, when the decking overlooking the river will provide a glorious setting for chilled afternoon drinks; yet to taste lunch or evening meal.  But all in good time,  I get the feeling The Star Inn the City will be in the City of York for many more visits.

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