Sitting Uncomfortably? Good

Have you ever gone along with something you felt uncomfortable about which then turned out to be a great experience?
It took a trip to the other side of the world to realise I’ve been living small and didn’t even know it.

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Christmas is…

Christmas is a funny time of year.  It is a magical time for sure, but it’s a bit of an oddball too.  I LOVE the romantic idealism that surrounds the season; the snow, the festive windows, the movies where everything is ‘just so’… (Actually I’m that person a lot of the time).
Yet reality is different.

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The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

Have you ever been in the presence of complete silence?

Not ‘quiet’.

But complete and absolute SILENCE.

It has its own sound and I’ve found it messes with you a bit.

Last week out walking with a friend, miles from anywhere, we became aware that our voices were the only sounds.  In that moment we stopped and listened… Read More


The ‘ideas for Christmas’ post, didn’t happen, nor did we I manage an ‘end of year’ post and now am left wondering where to begin whilst feeling a tad bad that something really ought to have been posted by now.  I LOVE this little blog yet sometimes find it hard to get to the point of writing (Instagram is just… an easier interface yes?!).

Enough procrastination, above all I wanted to thank you guys for your likes, comments and support in 2014 – the phrase ‘just start somewhere’ comes to mind, so here is me doing that.



As I posted to Instagram on the closing day of 2014, if there’s one thing I’d want to encourage,  it’s to rethink some of our mindsets.

Question the question, look at the way you do life and ask yourself ‘WHY’?  We are not all made to fit the same mould so be free to break yours and lose the desire to ‘fit in’.

Make some plans but allow for life to evolve too.  You do not have to kill yourself to achieve your dreams or for good things to come your way… some… things… just… happen!

  Happy New Year – here’s to a great 2015!


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