21 reasons for Outdoors

We don’t choose to love the outdoors… do we?  I know I didn’t, it just grew on me (see more in the post notes at the bottom if you’re interested) and now I actively pursue getting lost in the great outdoors.  What is more, I find myself encouraging others to!

I find it exhilarating, life-giving and sheer soul food.  It’s a love story.  Yet this has only come about for me in recent years so it is entirely possible for people to grow to love the countryside and here are 21 reasons from recent days out.  Some shot from behind a windscreen, all just very candid.  They were my moments in time, mostly Yorkshire and in the last days of Winter hence it’s pretty barren everywhere.  That said, our little corner of the world’s quite beautiful don’t you think?

Outdoors 13Outdoors 14Outdoors 15Outdoors 10Outdoors 9Outdoors 11Outdoors 16Outdoors 18Outdoors 20Outdoors 4Outdoors 2Outdoors 13

Outdoors 18

Outdoors 21Outdoors 20Outdoors 17Outdoors 15



Post Notes:

A few years ago I began going outdoors regularly whilst going through a very hard time personally which lasted years.  Having read a book around that time that was from the school of thought we should be exercising six times a week because every day we do we tell our bodies (a la caveman days), ‘we are not going to die today are going to survive’.  This became a constant in my world and in all weathers… I mean ALL weathers, I would go walking and running for an hour at a time, often driving 13 miles, going for a run, then driving 13 miles home.  Being outdoors five to six times a week around countryside, open air and landscape meant I grew to love the outdoors.  Number one, it’s not difficult because it’s so beautiful where we live and secondly because I feel there’s a me I have only ever shared with the outdoors.  I have been with it on my worst days so there’s an affinity – it knows the journey.  This is possibly the most personal I’ve been on this blog so whilst ever I didn’t want to make the post all about this footnote, feel it lends a deeper element that perhaps others also feel…

Maybe this should be titled 22 reason for Outdoors 😉

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