Malton Food Lovers Festival

The Malton Food Lovers Festival is an annual event that takes place in the market town of (you’ve guessed it), Malton, North Yorkshire.  As we were staying close by at the weekend, we thought we’d take a trip to pick up some food for  our barbecue that night.  We had SUCH a good time!

Malton Food Lovers Festival 7Malton Food Lovers Festival 13Malton Food Lovers Festival 19

We arrived early looking for a second breakfast of coffee and pastries, so after tearing ourselves away from many stalls en-route, decided upon this little cart from ‘The Patisserie‘.

Malton Food Lovers Festival 8 Malton Food Lovers Festival 9 Malton Food Lovers Festival 10

It was great to see so much local produce grown by local people and as most stalls had samples available, you could try before you purchased.

Though there was the option to purchase tickets to watch cooking demonstrations and talks by well-known chefs, with eight in our party, keen to get tasting, we decided against.

Malton Food Lovers Festival 18Malton Food Lovers Festival 17Malton Food Lovers Festival 22
Malton Food Lovers Festival 25 Malton Food Lovers Festival 23Malton Food Lovers Festival 24

Though I visited Malton frequently as a child, I couldn’t remember anything of the cobbled square the Festival was held in which added to my enjoyment of wandering in-and-out of stalls and shops.

Malton Food Lovers Festival 3Malton Food Lovers Festival 1Malton Food Lovers Festival 5 Malton Food Lovers Festival 11Malton Food Lovers Festival 12Malton Food Lovers Festival 4

On the periphery of the square was ‘Interiors  at 9 to 11‘ which had some amazing pieces inside!  Director Sarah couldn’t have been more lovely taking time to explain the transition of the store from ‘Stitches’ (which it used to be), to the place it is today – well worth a visit!

Malton Food Lovers Festival 30 Malton Food Lovers Festival 29

It also gave me chance to get this slightly more elevated shot of part the festival!

Malton Food Lovers Festival 31

As it got to lunchtime, the energetic vibe increased thanks to the the LIVE music.  There was a great buzz about the place and as the black clouds refrained from opening, coats came off and more refreshment was sought.

Malton Food Lovers Festival 28 Malton Food Lovers Festival 27Malton Food Lovers Festival 26

This was a FANTASTIC morning out, thoroughly enjoyed by all of us that went, so much so we think we’ll make it an annual extended-family trip.  We came away with sausages, cheeses, flavoured popcorn, brownies, fresh fruit and veg… as food-lovers, t’was the perfect event to attend!

Check out the Food Lovers Festival website here whilst I close with something a bit daft as I like to do now and then!

Malton Food Lovers Festival 21

Fun-loving parentals!



Returning to Yorkshire: The CLA Game Fair (a fun Press Day!)

In just over three months time the CLA (Country Landowners’ Association) will hold their  57th annual Game Fair at Harewood House, Leeds.  Last week I was invited to the ‘Have a Go’ Press day to try out the various sporting activities that will be on offer over the three-day event.

It was the most fun!

The sun shone all day and we were treated to amazing hospitality to the extent that at this point I just want to brag on the CLA team who hosted the day… but as you guys won’t really care for that I’ll instead let you know about what you can expect to enjoy should you decide to attend the event (July 31st – Aug 2nd).

CLA Press Day 1
Our day began through an archway, into the courtyard
Potential terror arises as the ‘mingle situation’ arises.
CLA Press Day 2CLA Press Day 3

Over coffee and bacon butties a super-lovely Charlie shows us a map of the grounds which opens my eyes to just how much of a huge event for Yorkshire this fair will be.

The CLA Fair is a ‘must’ event for rural enthusiasts, attracting 150,000 visitors and  800 exhibitors annually.  Twelve years since it was last in Yorkshire, the key emphasis is on getting families outdoors, experiencing country sports and celebrating UK rural life.  This year there will also be ‘The Great British Village’ featuring local producers contributing to the countryside.

Teamed with the best group (we were so enthusiastic!  Poor Rob from the Telegraph), we set off across the grounds to do ‘outdoor sporty things’!

CLA Press Day 8

The professionals show us how it’s done! (Usually 1 man who completes the cut in 15 seconds)

CLA Press Day 11

The Living North girls bringing it DOWN!

CLA Press Day 12

Until you do this for yourself, you have no idea how much of a workout it is! (think this was timed at 1 minute 40 odd!)

CLA Press Day 9

CLA Press Day 10

Sports visitors will be able to try this year include kayaking, archery, clay-shooting, fishing and STHIL Timber Sports.
CLA Press Day 14

Game Faces

CLA Press Day 13

CLA Press Day 15

Team CLA; Charlie & Charlotte, two of the super-hosts

CLA Press Day 19

CLA Press Day 20

Was pretty much delighted to be Merida for at least half an hour!


CLA Press Day 24

Did I mention the hospitality was amazing?


The day was rounded off with a gun-dog handling demo.  Aside from adoring black labs, I learned a thing or two about the sport and got to hear about The Estate Challenge.  This will be open to competing Estates who have ‘pickers’ of any breed, not just labs or spaniels (shooting speak that apparently country folk ‘in-to’ the sport will fully understand!)

CLA Press Day 25

CLA Press Day 27

The outfits though…!

CLA Press Day 28CLA Press Day 26

The event spans three days.  As there will be so much to see and do, on-site camping is provided for those wanting to make a weekend of it.  Pitches are a generous 7 meters squared with luxury showers/facilities… this will NOT be Glastonbury.


There’s much more to could say but you can check out the CLA’s site for the full low-down here.  I for one, am definitely looking forward to going – heck I may even camp!

CLA Press Day 29

Christmas with James… (Brindley not Bond!)

Last week James Brindley Harrogate opened their doors for a festive evening.  As it started at 5.30pm I thought this a perfect ‘grown-up’ event to take my little lady too.  ‘Twas dark outside and a winter wonderland inside with a band crooning away the night we had a really lovely evening!

James Brindley HarrogateJames Brindley Christmas WindowJames Brindley WonderlandJames Brindley: WishJames Brindley baublesJames Brindley FurnishingsJames Brindley SofaJames Brindley Lanterns

Knowing that Momma is always taking photo’s for the blog, Miss P asked if she could take a few… I love seeing what she captures!

We were then asked to be photographed for Yorkshire Life Magazine so here’s our best ‘we are pretending not to be aware of the cameraman’ pose!

Yorkshire Life's capture of us on the night James Brindley candles James Brindley Christmas archwayJames Brindley hedgehog James Brindley stairsJames Brindley: PeacockJames Brindley displayThis is one of my favourite images from the night… one little girl mesmerised by the band, unaware I’m taking the picture of her.

Watching the bandJames Brindley window


If you are looking for some fabulous Christmas inspiration, Brindleys is definitely on my recommended list.  Although we do not need ANY more decorations come Christmas, we come away with some gorgeous copper baubles and vase that will be out in the home all year round!

You can visit James Brindleys website here.


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