Quarmby’s Deli & Coffee House

Coffee, it’s a biggie for me.  I will go out of my way for a good coffee, engineer meetings to take place in favourite coffee houses (‘hello Toast House‘) and will travel substantial miles when away from home in order to ensure that my daily cup is going to tick the satisfaction box for me.  It’s not rocket science but it’s surprising how many places serve up average.

Quarmby's 21

Quarmby’s Deli and Coffee House serves a GOOD coffee.  According to Will (Mr Quarmby), that was the starting point; if they could get the quality of their coffee right, everything else would follow… and it has.

Quarmby's 1Quarmby's 7Quarmby's 6 Quarmby's 10

Quarmby’s, Sherrif Hutton (on the outskirts of York),  is in a perfect ‘corner shop’ location attracting a real mix of locals and passers-by.  During our time there, cyclists, business folk and ladies-who-lunch all stopped to reside in the feel-good setting that husband and wife team, Emma and Will, have created.

Quarmby's 8Quarmby's 3

Being able to cater for the increasingly varied diets and demands of consumers these days must be quite a challenge for eateries.  Quarmby’s clearly has a bent towards healthier eating and I would bet that few people would be able to visit and not be thoroughly satisfied.  Our meal was first class; quality ingredients and food combinations made every mouthful something to linger over.  Though neither of us ‘do’ desserts, both did quite simply because up on the specials board they looked too good to miss… and they were!   I savoured the marmalade and chocolate pannetone pudding all the way home.

Quarmby's 18Quarmby's 16 Quarmby's 15Quarmby's 5

Finest local Yorkshire produce is available for purchase for those wishing to extend their experience further.  There’s a real sense that this is a deli for the people, by the people and should we be in this neck of the woods again, we will definitely return.    Find out more about Quarmby’s hereQuarmby's 19Quarmby's 9



How To: Create a Gallery Wall Feature

Gallery walls are a great way of creating a bespoke feature in the home and are so easy to do yourself.  The wall below was both painted and dressed in a day with zero additional expense.


Rooms with high ceilings can sometimes be hard to style.  Unless you have big art pieces to use, photos and pictures can look lost.  A gallery works especially well in this setting in making use of the space.  The wall below was bare for months (yes along with the filler!); so in an inspired moment, the ladders came out and I decided to begin by painting it dark (Farrow and Ball Hague Blue).


Curating your gallery should be easy.  Unearth pieces you own that don’t have ‘a home’ (as I did here), then lay them out on the floor to get a feel for positions.  3D items look great, a string of lights adds a whimsical touch and personally think you can’t beat a bit of sparkle against a dark wall.


A little shelf is also useful as you can change the look by adding candles, a small vase of flowers, whatever you fancy throughout the year.  The shelf can be positioned anywhere on the wall but I wanted it more-or-less central, so it became my starting point when it came to hanging the other items.


You may find as you start that you need to readjust slightly as you see things on the wall for the first time, but just go with it.  Some pieces like a mirror, that you want to use practically (i.e. at eye-level) will naturally determine the position.
IMG_2902IMG_2900 IMG_2906 IMG_2901IMG_2904IMG_2903

The end result will be 100% unique and bespoke to you.  As I said earlier, nothing new was purchased for this wall, but now it’s finished, I like the different components involved. If you’re struggling for what you use, consider these as a starting point:





Something with Text

Piece of clothing


At the end of the day, your wall can be added to and taken from, so if you only have a few pieces, start there; allow space for it to evolve and enjoy the process!

If you want to know more about styling your home, you can get in touch with me here at The Butler.


A Visit to Antiques Curio & Salvage Barn

The Antiques Curio & Salvage Barn is repeatedly a popular post on this blog.  Perhaps it’s stuck in Google or something (no disrespect!) but it’s up there every month as a top post and yet the pictures have just not been doing it justice… Soo, last month, I revisited.
The Barn has evolved so much since the original post last March.  The signature style that makes this place truly unique is even stronger.  It is simply quite wonderful to walk round and renders one wishing for a large empty house to furnish.  The original post is below this (so just keep scrolling).

Last week I made the time to go to a place I’ve been meaning to visit for at least a year/eighteen months, the Antiques Curio & Salvage Barn, Harrogate.  After seeing so many amazing posts in my Facebook feed from their page I was compelled to pinpoint their location and pay a visit.  It’s such a gem of a place I had to share with you.
The barn is a place you’d go when you want to find something unique for the home without it needing to be too specific.  Antique furniture a plenty; there are chests of drawers, stone sinks, chandeliers, pictures, skulls and ancient pictures – artefacts of all kind can be found within the draughty doors.  It has bags of charm and personality and so goes without saying that whatever you pick up there will also have oodles of character.  These images were just taken on my phone as I wasn’t planning on doing a feature but couldn’t not once I’d been.  Well worth a visit I say!

IMG_0557 IMG_0553 IMG_0556


Post notes:
If looking for the barn, do not look for a sign saying “Antiques Curio & Salvage Barn” from the main road, I’ve passed it SO many times without knowing simply because the signposts only indicate the Farm Shop and John Cain furniture polishing.  It’s literally a stones throw off the main Skipton to Harrogate Road (A59) and is ridiculously easy to swing into.

Strid Wood & Barden Bridge at Bolton Abbey

Earlier this week, (the day the sun shone for the first time and we could finally liken it to a Summers day), it felt only right to rearrange my work schedule and take off outdoors.  Having passed Strid Wood many a time on the way to Burnsall and Grassington, I decided to stop this time and explore.

Strid Wood 2

Thought I hadn’t planned to blog about my time, I so enjoyed the hours there and wanted to share.  The outdoor buffs among you will enjoy and probably already frequent these parts – I’m just last to the party… again.

Strid Wood is part of the Bolton Abbey Estate.  In short, a walk from the main car park at Bolton Abbey along the river or through the woods, eventually brings you to the Cavendish Pavillion ↓…

Strid Wood is a walk further on from that.  Keep going and you reach Barden Bridge.PenultimateFullSizeRender

FullSizeRender 183My day began at Strid Wood car park.  There’s an entry fee (Bolton Abbey Estate entry) but I evaluated it was worth paying for the day I had.  A small tea rooms with outdoor seating provides an alternative watering hole to the other potentially busier eateries at Bolton Abbey.

Strid Wood to Barden Bridge is under a mile.  It is easy terrain and runs along the river.IMG_1543IMG_1544

There’s an aqueduct you pass through en route – don’t mistake it for Barden Bridge if you don’t know what you’re looking for as I did.

FullSizeRender 190FullSizeRender 193

Barden Bridge ↓ is a great spot to take a break by the river.  There is also a small car park, outside of the Bolton Abbey Estate for those not wanting to pay the entrance fees.  That said, I think you’d be pushed to get a spot so save the hassle; park, pay and get on with the day.  Sitting here with a book was sheer tranquility.

IMG_1579FullSizeRender 191IMG_1540

There is then a path that winds the other side of the river all the way past The Strid to the Cavendish Pavillion (about 2.3 miles).  This walk is absolutely beautiful and so picturesque.

Strid Wood 1

Bluebells adorned the banks and the sunlight danced in and out of the trees.

FullSizeRender 186 FullSizeRender 187 FullSizeRender 188IMG_1593 FullSizeRender 184 FullSizeRender 192

It’s hard to capture the light adequately here, but through these tall tall trees, it was simply magnificent.IMG_1581FullSizeRender 189 IMG_1587

Though we’ve visited Bolton Abbey on numerous occasions, the Cavendish Pavillion is as far as we’ve ever been; it’s always a fun walk for the kids and a reasonable circular route.  Parking at Strid Woods could easily be its own day out and gives the option for a separate circuit.  I visited Monday morning when the dog walkers and… shall we say ‘older clientele’ were enjoying their strolls so didn’t see any children on my travels and thought it’d be a perfect circuit to run next time!

You can  visit the Bolton Abbey website for more info here.

Happy gadding people!



Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds

Banyan Leeds is the fourth ‘Banyan Bar & Kitchen’ to be opened in Yorkshire.  Though you wouldn’t know from the exotic name, the ingredients are sourced from local suppliers; Banyan is very much a Yorkshire affair (and there’s 20% off for Lifestyle Yorkshire readers at the end of the post!)

Situated on the site of the Old Post Office in Leeds City Square, (directly opposite The Queens Hotel), it is in a fantastic location.  Outdoor seating is always a must when the warmer temperatures arrive and there’s 120 covers to ensure not a moments rays will be missed.

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 19

Ahead of it’s launch on April 22nd I was invited to a blogger event which involved tasting bite-sized food and sampling cocktails.  My taste buds were delighted!

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 1 Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 17Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 15

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 7

The restaurant is split over two levels, downstairs has a simple industrial feel; upstairs is dark and decadent.

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 5 Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 6Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 3

As the blogger event began, it became quickly apparent that they know what they’re talking about. From navigating the industry they’re in (hospitality/catering), to the details of the cocktails, wine and food… there’s thought gone into Banyan.

What results for you and I is a tantalising (and may I add, affordable) menu for breakfast, lunch, evening meal and late-night drinks.

Fussy eaters welcomed (my words not theirs); CEO Martin Wolstencroft reiterated the need to be on the ball with ever-increasing spectrum of dietary requirements.  For example, at breakfast you could have a Full English, or pancakes.  If neither of those is to your liking, there’s smashed avocado on toast, or you could go for Super Granola (No grains, no dairy, no gluten, no wheat, no sulphites)!

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 4Our arrival drink, a pea and mint bellini.

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 9Teriyaki belly pork.  Am not a great lover of pork – these bites were incredible!

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 10Crushed avocado & pea toasts.  Crispy duck spring rolls.Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 11 Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 12Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 13Vanilla cheesecake.  Salted caramel and chocolate torteBanyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 21

When you’re left wanting more, it’s always a good sign.  My return date to Banyan is booked for a few weeks time and am looking forward to full-sized meals, hopefully sat outside!

You can visit the Banyan website to see the full menu here

Banyan Bar & Kitchen Leeds 18



Banyan Leeds have kindly offered readers of LIFESTYLE YORKSHIRE 20% off.  Simply quote LIFESTYLEYORKSHIRE20.

(Code must be quoted at time of booking and booking made through http://arcinspirations.com/banyan-leeds/bookings.  All offers are subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. All offers can be withdrawn at any time (without notice). Offer valid until 31st May 2016.)



The Royal York Hotel

Situated next to the train station, The Royal York Hotel has always been a place we’ve walked past on the way to meeting family and friends in the city centre for a great day out.  Hotels are places to stay and if you’re not going to be staying (or having a meeting), then there’s no reason to enter, right?

Time to change that old way of thinking…

The Royal Hotel York 12

The Grade II listed building has undergone a £15 million refurbishment; I was invited for afternoon tea and promptly fell in love with the place.

The Royal Hotel York 1The Royal Hotel York 2

Recognised as one of the most architecturally significant railway hotels in the country (formerly The Royal Station Hotel), whilst the iconic exterior hasn’t changed much, the inside has undergone a rather epic transformation thanks to interior architects Goddard Littlefair.

Not only has it been both restored and modernised, but a new bar (Chapter House) and restaurant (Refectory Kitchen & Terrace) have been created.  These two destination concepts will attract new business, ours included.

Whilst I could tell you about the afternoon tea we were invited to taste,  I’d rather show you what really made us linger longer: the interior decor.

The sheer size of the building naturally lends itself to a lofty grandeur but the design aspects and furnishings incorporated with the refurbishing have taken 4 Star Luxury to another level.

The Royal Hotel York 11

Having not seen the ‘before’ I am relying on my Mothers’ word who tells me ‘it was all dark wood everywhere’.  The photos below show the ‘Garden Room’; the afternoon tea takes place in here – the colour palette which adorns the Victoria architecture is perfectly balanced.  Sage greens, softest greys and mauves’ accents of aged metallic’s and crushed velvets cohere without competing.

The Royal Hotel York 14 The Royal Hotel York 16The Royal Hotel York 13 The Royal Hotel York 15 The Royal Hotel York 17

The afternoon tea was lovely and staff knew the menu inside out; however the most memorable food was the plate of savoury appetisers.  The detail in the flavours was exquisite.  What followed by way of the three-tier plate of sandwiches, scones and sweets, was too nondescript for my taste-buds.

As we sat among a low-level of hubbub, looking out over beautiful gardens onto York Minster, we couldn’t help thinking how calm and relaxed it was.  We settled we’d rather that any day than queuing round the block as you might do in other well-known tea rooms.

The Royal Hotel York 8The Royal Hotel York 3The Royal Hotel York 4The Royal Hotel York 5

The Royal Hotel York 9The Royal Hotel York Jasmine Tea 2 The Royal Hotel York Jasmine Tea 3

We finished with a cup of hand-picked Jasmine tea from China, then took to exploring the hotels quiet luxury further.

A rather grand staircase ascends to the 159 bedrooms which have all been refurbished.  Whilst we didn’t get to see the rooms, a fellow blogger has, visit Pouting in Heels’ Post to see the rooms here. The Royal Hotel York 27The Royal Hotel York 23The Royal Hotel York 28The Royal Hotel York 19The Royal Hotel York 22

Things we noted; the staff were truly excellent and there was no sense of snobbery about the place.  Some places you go and you’re not sure if it’ll accommodate everyone?… The Royal, not so – we felt right at home.

The Royal Hotel York 26

Chapter House bar and games room is open daily serving hot and cold drinks.  Bar nibbles indulge in British classics such as black pudding sausage roll with HP Sauce, Fountains Gold toast with Branston, and Bridlington scampi with tartare sauce.

The Refectory Kitchen & Terrace (below) can be seen round to the left as soon as you exit the train station doors. It’s a fabulous space, seating 126 indoors with a further 35 covers outdoors… we picked up a menu and have already seen ourselves dining here in Summer… all we need now is the weather!

The Royal Hotel York 20

Will we return to The Royal York?  Most definitely.  Away from the bustle of the city, it will be the perfect place to get lunch and drinks in the most beautiful surroundings.  I hope the hotel will continue to see much success and a return for the sizeable investment.  Visit the hotel website here.


Behind the scenes...

Caught in the act – behind the scenes.



Bettys Ilkley

Bettys IlkleyOur local Bettys is a place I love to frequent; their cakes and breads are simply divine and I’m always popping in to buy niceties for clients.  Synonymous with quality, prestige and all things rather splendid, it’s a taste of days gone by and a bit of a Yorkshire institution… a reliable jewel in the ‘White Rose’ crown (so to speak).  When friends or family visit from ‘down South’ or abroad it’s the kind of place you take them to, just for the experience!

Bettys Tea

Recently, Bettys, Ilkley has undergone a bit of a revamp – I popped in to see what they’d done with the place.

Bettys ShopBettys Macaroons

Bettys Coffee 2Bettys Coffee 4

Bettys Chocolate Desires

Gone is the dark, heavy wood and ‘in’ is a lighter, fresh ambiance which still keeps in tact, all we think of as ‘BETTYS’.  The Ilkley store is now instantly recognisable as on par with the Bettys at Harlow Carr, and I understand all the other five sites in Yorkshire have either been revamped or will be following suit in the coming months.  The refit has been undertaken by Thompsons of York.  Sustainably-sourced oak, cast bronze fittings and marble counter tops give the place a feeling of solidarity and fine craft.

Bettys Artisan BreadsBettys Fat Rascal Bettys Coffee 1 Bettys Coffee 3Bettys Coffee 5

Whereas the coffee and tea counter felt off-limits before, you can now get up close to the goods, touch the beans and try before you buy in a new tasting area.

Bettys Easter DisplayBettys Hot Cross Buns

Another new feature is a chocolate counter offering a selection of 20 varieties of handcrafted chocolates, available to buy loose for the first time.  The shop also offers a wedding and celebration cake consultation service.Bettys Chocolates 2Bettys Chocolate Peppermint CreamsBettys Chocolates 1 Bettys Patisserie Bettys MugsBettys Cakes 2 Bettys Shop

It’s great to see Bettys investing in their next season… it is one of the ‘irreplaceable’s on The Grove in Ilkley and I hope they’ll be with us for many more years to come.  Fat Rascal anyone?


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